3 Kettlebell Myths Put To Rest!

If you are wondering what kettlebell training is all about then its a good thing that you have arrived here. Dispelling kettlebell myths and general misconceptions on strength training is something that I have to tackle most every day. Its a constant battle with people to try and inform them with fact while, at the same time, expressing the value of kettlebell strength training. This is not something that is limited to any one single level of trainee either. I have to do this with the average Joe as much as having to convince some coaches and athletes of it as well. If you are wanting the hard body facts then tune in and keep reading!

3 Kettlebell Myths:

1. Kettlebells Hurt Your Back: You know such claims as this really irritate me to the core. Kettlebells are certainly capable of hurting your back, but so is picking up your laundry basket if you have a weak core and poor mechanics. The truth is that any form of strength training done INCORRECTLY will injure you, period. Its not rocket science people. The thing is that if you implement good technique and lift the kettlebell, or any other weight for that matter, the way it is supposed to be lifted you will greatly minimize the risk of injury. When done properly the pulling oriented lifts associated with the kettlebell such as swings, snatches, and dead lifts are all tremendous in helping you to develop a solid core center with stability and strength which will give you a strong back!

2. Kettlebells Beat You Up: This once again brings us back to technique. From time to time when folks see me knocking out a set of snatches and cleans they think that I am beating up my wrist with the bell. I have to take the time to explain that it is all about the technique and the last thing I am doing is beating up my wrist. Kettlebells are not supposed to “beat you up.” If they are beating you up then it is your fault. When performed properly these lifts involve a smooth transition of the bell against the body. In the example of the snatch and clean lifts the bell or bells are rolling around the wrists and flowing with the natural motion of the body. There is no “pounding” of the body involved in the lift.

3. I Can Do The Same Thing With Dumbbells: This one also irritates the hell out of me. Can you do some of the same lifts and include some of the same movements with dumbbells as you can with kettlebells? The answer is sure you can, but its NOT the same thing. The value of the kettlebell is it’s design. This belief that you can do the same exact things with dumbbells as you can with kettlebells comes from someone that has never trained with the iron ball. The design allows for a certain flow and dynamic with kettlebells that dumbbells don’t provide. Certain types of the same lift can be performed, but the way in which they are done is very different! The kettlebell is a sphere that is fixed to a handle which gives it a certain awkwardness and balance at the same time. The dumbbell doesn’t provide this because the weight is fixed closely to the angle of your hand. If you don’t believe me on this then attempt to swing or snatch a dumbbell and then properly learn and attempt the same thing with a kettlebell. You will see the difference right away!

If you want to learn about more hard bodybuilding facts then access more of my articles on the subject for free. Take the time to learn if you want the results. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart my friend.