5 Easy Ways To Screw Up Getting Six Pack Abs

5 Easy Ways To Screw Up Getting Six Pack Abs

I was at the gym recently and was bored waiting for a machine I hadn’t used in a while so I decided to walk around to kill time. I ended up on the treadmill which is where I brainstorm, and I reminisced about something from a few years ago. Here’s a little summary of what went through my mind.

I was talking to a buddy of mine about getting six pack abs recently as he is having trouble with that last bit of body fat that needs to be burned. Granted it was a “free consultation” and all, but it dawned on me that there’s all this talk about how to get six pack abs, but nobody covers ways to make sure you do not get a six pack! So I figure that could be something fun for me to write about. I’ll give a small discussion on each one.


When we think of ways to do anything, we never talk about ways to totally screw it up. I was going to give you an example but I’ll do it after I shave instead. Kidding, to an extent. Procrastination should be considered a mortal sin for numerous reasons, the most important in my opinion though is that it prevents you from doing anything! Procrastination treats getting six pack abs no different than studying for the Bar to become a lawyer.


Getting a six pack is no different in the basis of their theory of achievement than any other function in life. You are either going to go and get them, at least hit a starting point, or you will tell yourself “nobody in my family was successful in getting six pack abs so I’ll workout with less effort.” If your mom was a dwarf, and your dad was aldo a dwarf than you may end up being a dwarf. Because mom or dad was unsuccessful in getting six pack abs you will be unsuccessful in getting six pack abs? Rarely you can blame genetics and this is probably not one of those times.

Improper Milestones

Not giving yourself challenging milestones with a “next step” will ensure getting six pack abs is going to be that much tougher. If you know where you are going to go and where you need to end up prior to getting to your finish line, regardless of the distance it is far easier to arrive at your destination.

Lack of Confidence

This is a really nasty prevention for getting six pack abs. A lack of confidence not only cuts down your chances, it can prevent you from even arriving at a starting point to get six pack abs!

No Underlying Reason

This has to be the cream of the crop. It’s always nice to work toward something in life but if you have no “why” you can’t generate a “how” or a game plan. In life you are either just doing something and wasting your time away. With this not only is it difficult to setup milestones, it’s even more difficult to implement them!

In a way each of these could be a cause of the others and they all relate to one another. Regardless, they are fatal to getting six pack abs. If you want to add to this list of ways to screw up getting six pack abs feel free to do so below!