A Few Facts About English Lop Rabbits

When it comes to lop rabbits, English lops are among some of the most desired among breeders and pet owners. Lops are sought after because of their gracious physique which makes them favorites at rabbit shows. Judges tend to favor English lops because of their kind attitude and gentle nature.

Most of the times, rabbits have the tendency to be hostile towards people they are not accustomed to, but Lops like company and they love attention from strangers. This is one of the reasons that make them such great companions for large families with under raged children. English lops can be recognized by their oversized ears and their particular mandolin shaped physique. Oh and their cuteness!

English rabbits are the oldest lops to have been domesticated by man. As a matter of fact, all lop rabbits are descendants of the English lop. The English variety of lop rabbits have been around since the early 1700’s and were always seen as the most beautiful of all lop rabbits.

However, you have to understand that because of their particular characteristics, lops require special attention. First, it’s essential that you remember that your rabbit’s nails have to be trimmed regularly. Since English lops tend to step on their ears often, you have to make sure that their nails are neatly trimmed so that they don’t cause themselves severe injuries.

It’s also capital that you never lift your lop by its ears. Doing so could lead to severe injuries that could eventually lead to his death. Lops like space, so it’s very important that you leave him enough space to roam freely.

Doing so will lower the risk of your lop stepping on his ears and injuring himself. It’s always important to look out for your bunnies health as when you have a pet in captivity you are responsible

You have to make sure that your rabbit’s ears are clean at all times. If you don’t clean his ears often, wax could build up and that could lead to an inner ear infection. English lops are not the most active of rabbits, so you have to make sure that you control the amount of food you feed them. If you don’t, your rabbit might develop an obesity problem.

Lop rabbits make great companions because of their gentle personality and their unique physique. But you have to make sure that you are ready to give them the special attention they need to be healthy and happy.