A sure fire six pack abs diet strategy is simple, but not exactly easy to follow. I will outline exactly what you need to do, but it is up to you to act on it. Mainly people who fail to get six pack abs blame genetics. While this comes into play a little bit, failure to achieve a washboard stomach is simply a side effect of eating too much. If you aren’t eating many calories and still aren’t seeing a six pack, I can help you there as well.

Going from XX{70bf3f0de345653d44762dc26ff670ad140dd79bcbd9067b668b28c6672699c3} Body Fat Down to 10{70bf3f0de345653d44762dc26ff670ad140dd79bcbd9067b668b28c6672699c3} is Easy.

If you have more than 10{70bf3f0de345653d44762dc26ff670ad140dd79bcbd9067b668b28c6672699c3} body fat, you simply need to create a calorie deficit over time and you will drop body fat. Here is where people make this tougher than it needs to be. They believe that each day needs to have a slight calorie deficit. So every day they insure that they are strict and stick to their diet. This is a tough way to create a calorie deficit. Here is a better way.

Think Weekly Calorie Deficit NOT Daily

I’ve consulted thousands of people and this has made a huge difference in the results people get. Out of the week allow yourself 2-3 days where you eat like “everyone else”. Don’t go out of your way to eat junk, but feel free to have pizza, good food, beer, etc. Pick 2-3 days that same week and go extremely low-cal. Honestly, you can eat as little as 800 calories and still maintain muscle mass. I recommend doing the intermittent fasting method of just eating dinner 2-3 days each week. Google the term “intermittent fasting” if you don’t know what that means. On the remaining days of the week try to avoid really high calorie foods, but eat regularly for the most part. This strategy creates a “weekly calorie deficit” and allows you to consistently drop body fat while enjoying great food.

Going from 10{70bf3f0de345653d44762dc26ff670ad140dd79bcbd9067b668b28c6672699c3} Body Fat to 6-8{70bf3f0de345653d44762dc26ff670ad140dd79bcbd9067b668b28c6672699c3} is Where Things Get Tougher

Now, you are going to have to try and string together at least 5 lower calorie days before adding in high to moderate calorie days. To really lose that stubborn body fat you are going to need to go through periods of time when your body is empty of “food energy”. The only way to do this is to string together days in a calorie deficit. This is when you will also benefit the most from cardio. After 5-7 days in deficit add in 2 days where you eat considerably more calories. This will reset your metabolism and get you back into fat burning mode. String together 5-7 more days of deficit. This is how you will zig zag to 8{70bf3f0de345653d44762dc26ff670ad140dd79bcbd9067b668b28c6672699c3} body fat or lower. This is the simplest and most effective “six pack abs diet” that I know of.