A Review Of HealthRider Treadmills – Are They For You?

A Review Of HealthRider Treadmills – Are They For You?

Many who do regular exercise will have heard of this company. Back in the 90s millions of people took up exercise because of its innovative HealthRider product. Now the company has started producing low- to mid-price machines. But, is a HealthRider treadmill for you?

HealthRider treadmills belong to a good stable of sporting goods as they are made by Icon Health and Fitness, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of exercise equipment. Other machines produced by Icon include Weider, Reebok, Nordic Track and Weslo treadmills to name just some of the more well known brands.

The price range of a HealthRider treadmill is between $440 and $1600, which firmly places them in the low price bracket. You shouldn’t necessarily be put of by this; for many a HealthRider machine may be just what they’re looking for.

Despite being a cheaper model of treadmill, a HealthRider does come with plenty of features that will entice the buyer. They come with the company’s patented SoftTrack Cushioning system that ensures less stress is placed on the knees, ankles, and joints.

Currently, they are available in the following models: the T600i ($650), the H150i ($400), the H550i ($750), the R60 SoftStrider ($1,500), the Pro H450i ($600), the Outlook ($1,400), and the Pro H500i ($800). Each gives you different options on motor, size, speed, inclination, treadbelt size and warranty. As you would expect, the greater the price of the machine the better it is.

If you’re already a serious user of treadmills then this isn’t going to be for you. However, if you’re just starting out on an exercise regime or already do some light jogging and are looking to buy one for indoor use, then this company’s machines might be for you.

Where the HealthRider treadmill comes into its own is the motivational features that come with it in the shape of something called iFIT. If you aren’t naturally inclined towards exercise, iFIT can give you the motivation you need by providing you with a ‘virtual’ certified personal trainer to guide you through a complete workout. The system works by sending digital cues from the iFIT.com web site, compact discs, and videos to vary resistance, speed, and incline functions according to workouts developed by iFIT.com personal trainers. You don’t even have to be connected to the internet to use it, as the CDs and videos that come with it have many goal specific workouts.

Other nice features that may appeal to some are the built in fans to keep you cool and the BiolLogic Grip Pulse Sensors, which are incorporated into the hand grip, to measure your heart rate.

In all honesty, these aren’t for the serious athlete but there is a huge market of people who are doing exercise for the first time ever in their life. Often, they want to loose weight or take care of their heart but lack the motivation to stick to an exercise regime. The relatively low price of the company’s machines combined with their interactive consoles can make them an attractive proposition for many.