A Six Pack Helps Your Sex Life

For men, they say that the greatest sex organ is a few feet south of your brain, women claim it’s the other way around. To be unbiased, let’s take the average of the two, which falls squarely on the stomach.

But how does having strong abdominal muscles or a strong core help improve your sex life? Well, you’ve heard the saying it’s not the size, it’s how you use it, well the part of your body which helps you use it better is where your six pack should be.

Stamina – The increased stamina you get in having a strong core is due to the fact that the thrusting power you generate during a passionate love making doesn’t come from your legs, it actually comes from your core. Having a strong lower back and abdominals allows your body to keep steady in different positions and helps maintain your staying power, important for your partner’s pleasure.

Better Erections – Having a six pack means that your body is in very good condition, which means that your heart is pumping blood around your body efficiently and strongly. This is important for getting better erections and prevent most forms of erectile dysfunction. Artery clogging fatty foods don’t choose which arteries to clog, so they choose equally between arteries that lead to your heart and brain and those that lead to your genitals. So a cleaner system in general means stronger, longer erections.

Length – The fat at the base of your abdomen actually covers up the base of your penis when you have excess fat. So although getting a six pack (and hence having less body fat in general) doesn’t mean that your penis gets longer, it does mean that it will have the chance to show off all that it’s got and actually look like it’s longer.