Best Double Jogging Stroller

The best double jogging stroller is the Schwinn Turismo double jogging stroller. This is by far the hands down winner in my opinion. It has everything going for it, features, value in terms of price and attention to detail in design. It also has lots of great reviews on blogs and Amazon.

Great Reviews
Reviews are one of the best ways you can evaluate a new large purchase in my opinion. Why do I say this? Well the reason is, it’s practically impossible to spend enough time with a new product, especially something like a stroller, to really give it a fair shake. But other people that have bought the same thing you are looking at often will write in with their experiences. You might as well take advantage! But the point here is that the best double jogging stroller should have a good balance of reviews and this one does. There are more positives then negatives, and that’s a key indicator in my opinion.

Great Price
The price of the Schwinn Turismo is very reasonable especially considering the amount of features that come along with it. Even if you dismiss the fact that it is a jogger stroller, it’s a great price just to be a double!

Features, Features, Features
The key thing that makes your life easy when you are owning or evaluating a stroller is it’s features. When you are looking at a jogging stroller, double or not, there are some neat things that can really set them apart. Here are some examples:

  • Push Button Locking Front Wheel – I think this is the best feature a double jogger can have. When you pick up speed and want that wheel to lock, it sure is handy to flip that switch instead of stopping and bending down.
  • Key Caddy – This is great little must have. Everybody has to carry keys or an mp3 player. This little caddy tucks those things away safely.
  • MP3 Player Speaker – If you don’t like headphones or just want your kids to be able to listen to their favorite music, this thing is indispensable.
  • Easy Folding – Jogging strollers are big and doubles are even bigger. Having them fold up easily is very important.
  • On Amazon – I love buying things on amazon because they take good care of their customers and have great prices.

In my opinion, the best double jogging stroller is the Schwinn Turismo hands down. Check out my blog below for more reviews.