Which do you think would be number one of all ways to lose body fat: cardio or strength training? There has been a lot of debate over this issue in the past, and a lot of famous trainers in the field have said strength training is the most important because it is the muscles that actually burn body fat. Others have said cardio is number one because it gets your metabolism and heart rate up high enough to burn body fat.

Both exercise methods have their place in the list of ways to lose body fat but there is a new option that many people have found to be the most effective way to burn body fat fast: circuit training.

This rises to the top of the list of ways to lose body fat because it combines strength training and cardio moves so that they work together. You get the benefits of both at once! Many celebrity fitness trainers using this as their main method of all ways to lose body fat because it can be highly effective with the least amount of time committed.

So how does circuit training work?

A “circuit” is a set of exercises performed in quick sequence. One workout will likely have at least three to four circuits with different exercises. The exercises will be a mix of cardio and strength. For example, one circuit might include push ups, jumping jacks, squats, and the dumbbell chest press. The bursts of cardio in between strength moves elevate the heart rate higher than even straight cardio in most cases.

To take it up a notch, combine cardio and strength in one move altogether, such as jumping jacks with a shoulder press instead of the typical arm movements.

Circuit training is one of the most effective ways to lose body fat in less time!