Best Ways To Never Reach Your Fitness, Fat Loss And Weight Loss Goals

Finding and removing the easiest ways to fail is one of the keys to success. Here are the 7 key things I would do (in no particular order) to stay as fat, weak, unimpressive and unhealthy as possible.

1. Leave my food choices up to others

You do recognize that the cheapest, and most easily available foods are aimed at profiting the food supplier and not at helping you live a long and productive life right?

Food preparation is essential. It is not difficult to learn and it eliminates one of the top reasons for failure – A lack of healthy food at the right place at the right time.

I have not found many clients who detest healthy food, they just don’t have it available when they are hungry, so they end up with whatever is cheap and available.

2. Follow a low fat, low calorie diet while at the same time drinking as little water as possible

Water is so very good. And a the best diet for fat loss is proven to be a reduced carbohydrate diet with good amounts of protein, fat, and vegetables. It’s the starchy, sugary, processed carbs that have got to go. Not the fruits and veges. In addition, veges and fruits have a far higher nutrient content per calorie.

That means that they are dense with good stuff. It also means that we can be over-fed with low quality food, yet under-nourished all at the same time because we are eating low nutrient foods.

3. Eat as few times per day as possible

This will surely fast-track me to high fat storage and poor metabolism and health! My body will think I’m starving it, and will compensate by storing as much fat as possible “just-in-case” to survive.

Instead, keep yourself fed constantly by eating every 2-3 hours and keep that fat-burning furnace running at high temperature.

4. Do lots of long slow aerobic training

This is a sure fire way to keep your body to become as efficient as possible in calorie usage. That means you use as few as possible! Not good news for our fat loss situation. Long slow work also keeps us weak, and does not improve our resting metabolism.

Instead, go for a weight training program with total body exercises, heavy weight (for your ability), and short rest periods between sets. Add in some interval training (stair climbing, bike, running, skipping rope) to top off the fat loss program.

5. Never lift a challenging weight

If I wanted to stay tubby forever, I would stay far away from challenging resistance training. It’s a sure way to fail. I have had people tell me they “go to the gym” or that they “lift weights”. Really, those colored 2kg dumbbells don’t count. All the really successful fat loss clients I have had as a personal trainer in Singapore, are really strong for their body weight. Guys are able to dead-lift 2x their bodyweight and ladies 1.5x. My 51kg female clients can lift 80kg in the dead-lift after just 6 months of training. That’s why they are so successful, trim and healthy.

6. Never change my training routine

The body is amazingly created and its ability to adapt is outstanding. If we do the same thing day after day, there are problems that come about.

Psychologically its boring and motivation to exercise goes down.

The body adapts to training and progress stops. Further lowering motivation and consistency.

Over-use injuries and muscle imbalances come about from doing the same thing over and over.

That’s why we need to continuously vary training stresses. This is a whole book by itself but suffice to say, most people need to add more total body, free weight movements into their training (like squats, dead-lifts and Olympic lifts) and need to cut down on their slow cardio as mentioned before.

7. Hang around with negative people

If there was a group of people who had “tall poppy” syndrome (cutting down and discouraging people who want to rise above and achieve more than the group average), I would spend as little time as possible with them. I would be wary of people who are always saying negative words or sabotaging my goals with negative actions.

“let’s go for that new tipple cheese 5 patty burger”


There is a saying that “we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with”. Well if those 5 people were hard working, positive people in great shape…don’t you think chances are, that you will be too!

For my personal training clients in Singapore, this is a tough thing to do because of social obligations. But I have found that once they do it, progress really picks up!

There we go! After doing performance coaching and personal training for a long time and experiencing clients in all kinds of situations, I can guarantee that if you do all of the above, you can achieve the maximum rate of failure possible. You can elude health, fitness and a awesome physique forever.