Breaking Out Of Homeostasis – Overview

Breaking Out Of Homeostasis is a book written by “Ludvig SUNSTRÖM”, a Swedish national living in Stockholm. The book is 350 pages long, and explains the idea that most people are stuck in “homeostasis” – a biological process/condition which limits energy levels and ultimately leads to laziness & disinterest.

The premise of the book is the idea that if you are looking to make progress in your life, you *need* to tackle the only thing preventing you from actually pushing forward – the idea of “homeostasis”.

The author explains that rather than being a process tied directly to your cells (which is the base definition of what “homeostasis” is in biology), the process can be applied on a macro level, to your brain, thoughts and habits in your life.

More specifically, if you consider the way in which “modern” life impels you to become passive, submissive and sedentary, the concept of “homeostasis” extends to the idea of “accepting your fate” regardless of what you actually want to do each day.

Consequently, looking at what this book promises to help you achieve (specifically, the ability to determine the steps to take “get your life back”) could prove to be interesting indeed.

This tutorial is going to look at how it works…

Part 1 – Body Mastery

The book is split into two parts (body/mind mastery). The first part discusses what’s required to achieve “body” mastery and the second to achieve “mind” mastery.

The body mastery section goes into depth on several topics the author has used personally to achieve optimal body state – from how to achieve a lean physique to performing the correct exercises to grow your muscles strong (not big, just strong).

The point of this is to focus on getting people to the point of understanding that their body is a direct reflection to the way in which they are responsible for it. Eating fatty foods, not exercising, wasting time playing video games and the swathes of other “negative” indulgences people put their bodies through is actually quite absurd.

This part of the book explains that if you want to make progress in the world, it’s essential to maintain a lean physique. You don’t need to be “ripped” or anything stupid – just look after your body to the point that you can use it to gain as much energy as possible for the various “projects” you wish to pursue.

Part 2 – Mind Mastery

The second – and more important – part to the book is “mind mastery”. This looks at how someone should consider investing into “training” / “developing” their mind, in an effort to achieve success.

Although there is a lot of information packed into this part of the book, the underlying premise is that you are the director of your fate, and your “mind” is the sail which will get you there. Your success is essentially how well you’re able to trim your ship and point to the correct direction.

The “mind mastery” part is the largest part of the book, with 7 chapters explaining a number of crucial elements to how the human brain will work (and how it generally tries to trick you into taking the easiest route due to wanting to remain in Homeostasis).

Such information as about the Neocortex, Amygdala and other parts of the brain are covered, as well as explaining several points about the “winner effect”. In all, a very deep & well-thought-out description of the way in which the brain works, and how to optimize it effectively for working in the modern world.

Part 3 – Addendum

The last part explains several key factors about careers & the working world moving forward. Whilst most people would likely gloss-over this, it’s important to give you the correct perspective on what you’re trying to achieve.

The biggest problem in the world today is passivity; being unable to determine where *you* want to go because of how your mind has self-limited itself. Creating the discipline and ability to make progress is by far the most rewarding part of the “journey” of success – as explained in the final pages of the book.