Breast Enlargement In Men – Ways To Give You A More Feminine Physique

Breast Enlargement In Men – Ways To Give You A More Feminine Physique

Breast enlargement in men is sought for by concerned males due to some reasons like career (when a man impersonates a woman) and therapy for gender reassignment. A bustier look can definitely create a more womanly or feminine physique and below are ways on how men can increase their breasts.

Surgical Means
Getting surgical implants is an effective means for a man to achieve womanly breasts. Breast implants provide men with semi-permanent busts. The implants are available in various textures and sizes. Most often than not, these implants are filled with silicone or saline. The surgical process can last 2-4 hours. You need about ten days up to two weeks of recovery time. Longer recovery is necessary if there are complications that arose from the surgery.

Hormonal Means
Men can also enhance their breasts through hormonal therapies. The female hormone estrogen is responsible for making women’s breasts bigger and this hormone can be availed in injection form or pill form. Taking estrogen pills, however, can cause possible unwanted effects live liver stress and damages. You may feel chest pain, numbness and jaundice (the yellowing of the skin, eyes and mucus membranes). As for estrogen injections, there are two legally available products that are administered by a doctor: Estradiol Cypionate and Estradiol Valerate. Injections are administered every two weeks. One vial of estrogen can be used for six months. The estrogen therapy can cost from $25 up to $80. Laboratoty monitoring is also required with administration of injections. Monitoring is needed to ensure that male and female hormones are in proper levels and to ensure proper functioning of estrogen in your male body.

Estrogen patches are also available. This patch, upon the prescription of your doctor, will be used to spread and distribute estrogen throughout the body. When you put this patch onto your skin, it will remain there for up to seven days. Thus, you have to perform several measures to ensure that the patch will work properly; such as avoiding moisture and heat. Only one patch should be used at a time; otherwise, you will be exposing yourself to overdosing risks.

Prosthetic Means
There are also prosthetic breasts available for you to use if you are looking at a non-invasive way to increase your male chest. These prosthetics can offer larger or bigger breast illusion and worn underneath your clothes. Examples are push up bras and other bras with padding made from fabric, gel, water or silicone.

Other Means
There are also other methods that are supposed to give you bigger breasts; yet, these methods may be less effective in attaining your goals. Examples are breast pumps, creams, herbs and hypnosis sessions. In Thailand, there is a practice that is supported by its government as a substitute for breast augmentation. This method is breast slapping that involves aggressive kneading that can transfer fat that surrounds the breast tissues. There is also laser treatment that can supposedly destroy the targeted old breast tissues so that new cells are generated and produced. Electro stimulation process is also available where breast stimulation is achieved through the application of galvanic electrical currents to promote production of collagen that helps make tissues more elastic.