Character Classes in Aion

If you’re getting into massively multiplayer online role-playing games for the first time or you think that Aion will be your next major quest in which to succeed, one of the important things about Aion is the character classes. There are four specific character classes that Aion players are allowed to choose among, and within those classes are several sub-classes as well. Each has their own separate ability and talent and each will be appealing to players for different reasons. If you are looking forward to getting started in the game, here’s some information about the character classes in Aion to give you a head start.


Warriors are the type of class character that you’ll choose if you want the ability to perform well in a variety of situations and battles. This character class does very well when fighting in close-quarters, and there are two sub-classes that Aion players can choose for their Warrior. First, the Templar’s special ability is Protection Chants, which give you the ability to help yourself and others while in combat. You are given a sword and a shield to fight with as a Templar so you’ll be acting as both a guardian and as a fierce battle character. The other subclass of Warriors is Gladiators, and these are characters that are given several types of melee weapons to do battle with, including halberds and swords.


A Priest is a spiritual warrior that has immense healing and self-protection abilities. From spells to various magic attacks while battling, the two types of subclasses that your Priest can choose between are the Cleric and the Chanter. The Cleric is the main healing character in Aion, and this subclass is given the ability to raise the dead. On the other hand, the Chanter can use special spells and mantras for protection.


When you first start playing Aion: The Tower of Eternity you may be a bit upset with the Mage’s weak physique come battle time, but the special abilities that these subclasses are given certainly make up for it. The Mage can deliver powerful and damaging long-range spells as a Sorcerer. As a Spiritmaster, your Mage will have mastered the four elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire, and will be able to summon these elements during battle.


The Scout is a character that will do great in aerial combat as he’ll be excellent at delivering swift attacks. The Ranger and Assassin are the two options you can choose between when playing the game. The Assassin is given the special ability to attack your target or enemy in silence, being literally undetectable while doing so. The Ranger is an attack class in Aion and as such will be given lots of different attack abilities.

With four main characters of Scout, Mage, Priest, and Warriors each with their own set of two subclasses, Aion players will have to choose carefully. Every player, though, will be able to have something that fits their style in the game.