Chest Wax: The Pros and Cons of Waxing Your Chest

In the Neolithic Age, a woman running her fingers through a man’s chest hair was considered sexy, but today, many women would sooner run their fingers through a spider web than through a man’s body hair. A sign of manliness and too much testosterone simultaneously, a hairy chest is loved by some women and despised by others, but according to Esquire Magazine, most women believe a rug is something you wipe your feet on, not something you wear on your chest. This is one reason why men buy chest wax from sellers of eyebrow waxing products. Embracing the idea that well manicured is the new macho; they apply the product, wait for it to set, remove it, and walk away with a smoother physique.

Is chest waxing a good option for you? If you need help deciding, consider some of the pros and cons of waxing your chest:

Pro: Women Appreciate Smoothness

Esquire Magazine reports that only twenty-eight percent of women consider a hairy chest sexy. This means that if you are showing off your buff, hairy physique at the beach or pool, you have roughly a thirty percent chance of being considered hot by the opposite sex. With your pectorals hair-free, your chances of coming across as a heartthrob increase.

Con: The Ouch Factor

Some hair removal products require you to go through pain to achieve the pleasure of having a smoother physique, but not all chest wax causes this problem. As with eyebrow waxing products, the key is to look for a product that removes the hair at the lowest point to the skin, as opposed to ripping it away from the skin’s surface. A product that removes hair at the lowest point possible may cause a small sting, but it will not leave you in agony.

Pro: Gives You the Right Look for the Beach

The hairless beach physique goes all the back to the ancient Greeks, who believed that a hairless body was a beautiful body. Whether you go to the beach just to have fun, or to parade your physique for the ladies, removing your chest hair will make you look like you belong on Baywatch, not at a cold bay in Alaska.

Con: Feeling a Tad Bit Emasculated

Can you bear to give up your chest hair? Some men cannot, and feel that to be hairless is to be emasculated. No one knows why hirsuteness makes some men feel empowered. It is not muscles, money, or intelligence, after all. Even so, if stripping the hair away would make you feel as if you were discarding a suit of armor, then waxing may not be for you.


Chest wax is designed to remove chest hair by gripping it at the lowest point to the skin, and pulling it away quickly as the user peels away the sheet. If you are considering removing your chest hair, many women would encourage you to do it, and the ancient Greeks would, too. Body wax can be purchased affordably from sellers of eyebrow waxing kits and other waxing products.