Core Fitness Training and You! Do You Need a Core Fitness Training Program?

Core Fitness Training and You!  Do You Need a Core Fitness Training Program?

Core fitness training is essential to building strength, flexibility, and preventing injury. All of your body’s movement generates from your core! The core is the trunk of your body and it must be kept in shape for you to remain healthy. If you are not working out your core, you are missing out on a more stable center of gravity, more controlled movement, and increased protection for your back. Get started with some core training today and your body will be thankful for it!

Your core is extremely important to your overall physique and general health. All movement within your body generates from your core, and these muscles are used in virtually everything you do. You use your core when you are watching TV, or when you are sitting at your computer, or when you are walking. You are even using your core when you are sleeping!

Understanding Your Core!

The core of your body is the area around your pelvis and trunk. It is where your center of gravity is located and it is essential to general health. Strengthening your core has several benefits:

Losing weight is easier with a stronger core
Better body control (controlled movements)
Increased protection for your spine and back in general
A stable center of gravity
A stable platform for quick movements in sports

When you have a strong core, your core muscles all work together in unison and support your back and spine! This support is essential when trying to lose weight or get into better shape. A weak core can make your susceptible to weight gains, injury, poor posture, and lower back pain.

Good Core Fitness Tips!

Twist! Do the twist with your favorite dancing partner when you get home tonight! It is an amazing core fitness workout that stimulates the abs, lower back, and your pelvic floor and groin region. Twisting melts fat from your belly! Salsa dancing is similar and is a blast as well.

Stretch! Do some stretching daily to strengthen your core and increase your flexibility. Every core fitness training program should have a simple stretching routine to help you build strength and flexibility.

Mastermoves is a revolutionary core training system that uses twisting, balancing, stretching, and full body exercises to strengthen the core and burn off unwanted fat. You can learn more about it if you’re interested.