Discover the Most Effective Six Pack Abs Exercise and Workout

Discover the Most Effective Six Pack Abs Exercise and Workout

There are some effective abs exercises that lead you to gaining abdominals. Are these exercises really building you six-pack abs? NO. Why? You might develop strong abs but if it’s covered by outer layers, your abs will NOT be seen. But target your ab exercises to your entire body workout which stimulate your metabolism and lead to fat loss. What should I do to build abs? You need a complete combination of full body exercises along with some specific abs workouts to achieve optimal results. Below is a list that helps achieve your goal for abs campaign.

List 1 squatting

Squat is one of compound exercises gear to develop strong legs mass. Squatting is one of the best workouts the really stimulates the metabolic response to burn fat. Here are some helpful techniques for barbell squatting.

– Set up your barbell with weights on the squat rack at a right height suitable for you

– Step under if so that it rests across the back of your shoulders-hold on the bar to balance it. Lift it up from the squat rack, take a step away

– You should keep head up, looking forward, feet width apart and back straight, bend knees and lower yourself slowly until your thighs are parallel with the floor

-You should push yourself back up to you starting position

A wider stance works the inside of the thighs to a greater degree and a narrower stance works the outer thighs more

List 2 barbell clean and press

Barbell clean and press is one of the best compound exercise programs. It requires multiple muscles groups to perform this touch exercise and believe me it will help you to develop strength and power. Below are some helpful techniques for barbell clean and press.

– Start your squatting down position, lean forward to grab and hold the barbell with overhand grip

– Push it with your legs and lift the weight up from the ground up to your shoulder level, use your elbows to truck in and under to support the weight up to that shoulder position

– lift the weight up overhead, and then lower it back to shoulder level

– Reverse the cleaning motion to bring the weight back to the ground

List 3: dead lifting

Dead lifting is one of the best combine workouts that involve multiple muscles than any other exercise. We recommend dead lifting in your training programs. How can you do this dead lifting? Always keep looking forward, your head up, your back tight and straight-arching your back will place undesirable stress on you spinal column and lower back. Maintain straight back positions to align the vertebrae with unequal stress place of any angle of your spinal to reduce the “risk of injury”. Again, below are the helpful techniques to dead lifting.

-Position a barbell on the floor in front of you

-Always bend your knees and lean forward with arms extended to grasp the barbell at the right position

-Always keep your back straight, head up looking forward-do not curve your back to avoid injury

-Start the lift by driving with legs and straighten yourself until you are standing straight up

-Again, lower the weight by bending your knees forward to your starting position

List 4: captain’s chair leg rises

List number four is one of the most effective ab workouts that straightly gears to your abdominal and the oblique. You use the rack to perform this with padded arms for support; it allows your legs to hang free. You can perform captain chair leg raises in different variations, but keep in mind to avoid using momentum to showing your legs-use strict form. Here are the techniques below for captain’s chair leg raises.

-Get on the apparatus and grip the hand-holds to stabilize your upper body, letting your legs hang free below you

– Contact your abs muscles raise your legs and bring your knees toward your chest

– You can also do the same movement and twist slightly to the side to exert more stress on your oblique- different variations.

– Make the legs completely straight, bring your feet up as high as possible for increased difficulty

Finally, these are the effective six-pack abs exercises you really need to know. You need a complete combination of full body exercises along with some specific abs workouts to achieve optimal results.