Don’t Forget to Network in Your Network Marketing Business

Don’t Forget to Network in Your Network Marketing Business

With so many network marketing and multi-level marketing businesses now, networkers get caught up in the excitement and hype about the company and/or product and tend to share their opportunity with others in non-effective ways.

Many companies will have a “memory jogger” or a list builder of some kind to help you build a list of family, friends and past acquaintances. This is your warm market. Like many of you, I have run out of family and friends long ago and have searched for new ways to build my list of business prospects. Some networkers do deceiving things to make themselves look like big marketers in an effort to attract others, while others use tactics that the company they are in recommends. Sometimes these tactics are, against your morals and even harmful to your reputation.

The sad thing is that most people quit network marketing 60 – 90 days after they join, if they do not see results. As you search for ways to build your down line, there is one simple thing that many people forget or are not properly taught, that is the simple word, networking.

When you network with others it is not with the goal of getting them to join your business that day or having them watch your opportunity video… it is simply to start building your list of people who are in the networking business like you. Just find networking friends and start building those relationships. Of course they are going to try to pitch you on their business, but do what a friend would do and check it out and give them your opinion. Of course, you will tell them it looks like a great company or if there are some red flags point them out in a nice way. When they ask you to join, just say that you are not interested because you are focusing 100{70bf3f0de345653d44762dc26ff670ad140dd79bcbd9067b668b28c6672699c3} on the company you are in. They may be curious and ask you what company you are in and that opens the door to talking about it.

The reason I love the network marketing business is because it is about building and developing friendships and business partners.
I love to talk and help people.

With today’s technology it is easy to find networkers and easily call them. Yes, I am telling you to pick up that 50 lb. telephone. Simply let them know you found their site and that you are a networker also. A few years ago and a man called me out of the blue and said just that. We have stayed in touch and now we are on the same team in my company.

If you have the sincere goal of connecting with like-minded people, your list of network marketers will grow and so will your network marketing business.