Everyone dreams of having a washboard stomach or six packs and many people believe that by buying an ab exercise machine it can help them achieve the results they desire. Sadly though, millions of people go and buy these abs exercise machines never achieving the results they are looking for.

The truth is these ab machines needs to be used in conjunction with a well thought out diet plan, cardio and weight training to achieve results.

Everyone has a six pack however it lies under layers of fat. They need to first lose this layer and the best way to achieve this is by doing lots of cardio exercises including running, swimming, cycling and aerobics.

To get the muscle definition (the six packs) you need to build muscles either through weight training, traditional ab exercises or using ab exercise machines.

The time it will take for you to achieve a six pack will vary depending your current weight, diet and lifestyle. So don’t give up if you haven’t achieved your results in 6 weeks.

Traditionally, the way of building your abdominal or core muscles are through exercises like sit ups, crunches, leg lifts and push ups. However the common aches, pains and injuries that come with these exercises are back and neck.

This is where these ab machines are beneficial as they can help provide better neck and back support versus traditional exercise.

The top ab exercise machines rated at Infomercial Review are

  1. Ab Coaster
  2. Ab Rail
  3. Ab Swing
  4. 6 Second Abs

All these machines will achieve the same results but depending on your preference you need to trial different machines to find the one that suits you most. In saying this you can visit sites such as Infomercial Review and read the advantages and disadvantages of different ab exercise machines.

Remember to achieve a six pack you need to eat healthy, lose weight and build muscles. Use ab exercise machines to help target those core muscles and in no time that washboard stomach or six packs you always dream of will come true.