Exfoliating the Penis: How to Get a Smooth Member the Right Way

Put away the apricot scrubs and shelve the loofah – that’s no way to treat a delicate flower like the penis! Penile skin is delicate and is often compared to the skin that takes up residence around the eyes so it’s important to care for it in a similar fashion. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean laying a ton of sliced cucumber on the love cucumber (it wouldn’t be a bad thing), but it does mean that a certain amount of TLC needs to be top of mind when grooming the manly member. Uncovering healthy, strong skin on the penis happens at both the dining table and the shower.

Oil it Up!

That’s not meant in the normal way a man would oil up his member. In this case, this is consuming plenty of healthy good fats. This prevents the skin from getting dry and flaky in the first place. Here are some wonderful sources of healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats:

– Olive oil

– Nuts, especially walnuts

– Avocados

– Cheese

– Whole Eggs (not just the whites!)

– Fatty fish like salmon, herring, trout, and sardines

– Chia seeds

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Daily cleaning is the best method for exfoliating the penis. Start by letting warm water soften the penis. Next, suds up the member with a gentle, all-natural cleanser like a baby wash or something from an all-natural line free of harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. Avoid anything with a microbead or any sort of abrasive. Tenderly wash the entire genital area, pull back or pull up skin where needed. Clean every fold and crevasse. Rinse well while continuing to run the hands over the member, pulling and pushing skin gentle to ensure a complete clean.

Banish Dead Skin Build Up

For areas that seem to have a build up of dead skin or smegma, start slow and use a natural oil (vitamin e or a light apricot or grapeseed oil – but be careful not to spill anything on the shower floor) to soften dried skin. Gently work the oil in with the hands until the dead skin goes bye-bye. Then do the regular daily cleanse as described above and use a soft washcloth for additional exfoliation only if needed.

While some men may feel the urge to use something a bit more aggressive like a scrub or a detailer, fight the temptation. This very delicate skin can easily be torn and damaged, infighting not only bacteria and infection but also causing scar tissue. Scar tissue decreases penile sensitivity which makes it harder to get and keep the soldier at attention. The friction from scrubs can also cause nerve damage which will also decrease sensitivity.

Get Some Air

After a thorough cleansing, give the penis some air! Air drying is a great way to give the penis more time away from the constraints of underwear and clothing. Ensure the penis is completely dry by using a soft towel to gently pat the skin dry. This keeps moisture away from the penis (keeping bacteria at bay) and also promotes penile sensitivity.

Moisturize for a Smooth Penis

After completing the cleansing ritual, use a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) on the penis. Choose a cream that gives the penis a smooth, supple feel while locking in moisture with all-natural ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E. Also look for creams with added vitamins and nutrients to help with cell turnover (like vitamins B5 and D3) and ALAs to combat free-radicals which prematurely age skin. Finally, find a cream with vitamin C to help build healthy collagen, promoting supple skin and elasticity. With this new grooming ritual, any man can have a smooth penis to be proud of.