Fit Moms – Meet the BOB Ironman Stroller

Fit Moms – Meet the BOB Ironman Stroller

You spend nine months exhaustively carrying that bundle of joy inside your tummy. Afterword, you may look in the mirror and see the baby fat that had never been on your body before. Well having that baby is the perfect excuse to the get the BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller.

Jogging Strollers are a great invention because they don’t allow the excuse you don’t have time to exercise or that the baby won’t let you. Get baby out for some fresh air and enjoy a jog that will make you feel great. The Ironman is light weight for convenience so that you can push yourself, along with the stroller.

The makers of the BOB Ironman wanted to add features that would make your little one as comfortable as possible. Some of these features include a near flat recline, which is great for small babies or toddlers when they want to nap. The BOB Ironman stroller has a great suspension system, keeping your babies from being jarred and bounced around and the premium padding that is in the seat of the stroller is soft and comfy for little bottoms, so take an extra lap, they won’t mind!

Not only are there great features for baby, but mommy or daddy as well. The BOB Ironman is a jogging stroller like no other because it is made with the intent of being used at a fast pace. This jogging stroller is made for the street. The tires on the jogging stroller are high-pressure road tires. The stroller is incredibly light weight with light alloy rims and hubs as well as stainless steel spokes. The BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller has stiff shocks, this works to provide amazing performance and so that your jog is all that it should be. This model also comes with a foot brake, which helps ensure that you can stop the stroller when it is parked on a hill and you are trying to load or unload your baby into it.

This stroller is top of the line, it is lightweight and easy to push. To boot, it has amazing features like stiff shocks and a foot brake for safety purposes. The BOB Ironman stroller is comfy for kids so they can relax and enjoy the ride while you get to burn on some calories. This stroller can be used at fast paces, so even the most fitness freak mom or dad will be able to use this to get a great workout while the kids get a rid. The BOB Ironman, a stroller for those who want to stay in shape.