For Perfect Six Pack Abs – Eggs Are an Abs Best Friend

For Perfect Six Pack Abs – Eggs Are an Abs Best Friend

In your quest to attain the perfect six pack abs obviously your diet is paramount in this. You will have to bulk up on the proteins. All body builders have a high protein regime to help them burn fat and boost their metabolism.

Hard boiled eggs are an ideal source of protein. Throw in the fact that they are low i calories and you soon see the benefits of including them in your diet. it is best to eat them early in the morning. Doing this gives your metabolism a hurry up and gets it going.

If cooking eggs first thing in the morning is not to your liking you can cook them the night before, refrigerate them and have them on wholemeal or seeded toast for breakfast. Which leads me to something that I have never done but I know all the elite body builders do this and that is drinking raw eggs. It might not be your cup of tea, so to speak, but it is well documented that the advantages are huge in your quest for the perfect six pack abs. It is your call.

Obviously fried eggs are a no-no. Steer clear of them. They will do nothing for you in regards to building muscle definition and could eventually harm you in your efforts. Not physically of course but they are full of calories when consumed this way.

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