Gazelle Edge and Freestyle Elite, Compared!

Gazelle Edge and Freestyle Elite, Compared!

Have you ever wonder what’s more effective to use between Gazelle Edge and Gazelle Freestyle Elite? One fitness enthusiast asked the same question as he is very eager to know the common features and main differences of these two popular fitness machines and what best works for him. In his question he pointed out the expensive cost of Gazelle Freestyle Elite and wanted to know why. If you find yourself in the middle of the same concern, then here is a thorough comparison between Gazelle Edge and Gazelle Freestyle Elite for you advantage of choosing what’s best to suit your daily needs.


Gazelle Edge and Gazelle Freestyle are fitness machines that both offer aerobic, stretching and strength training exercises all in a fun and low-impact total body workout. Most of the features of Gazelle Edge are also found in Freestyle Elite as they are both fitness equipments that simulate cross-country skiing. They both let you burn calories quickly and use many different muscle groups across your entire body. As far as physical features are concerned, both Gazelle Edge and Freestyle Elite provide extra-wide foot platforms for sure-footed stability and handlebars covered with high density and comfortable foam. They are foldable and can be set aside when not in use. They also feature easy-to-use computer display that helps you maximize your workout by giving you quick feedback on your speed, distance, time and calories burned.


Gazelle offers a 90-day warranty upon purchase while Gazelle Freestyle Elite allows a 1-year warranty right after a confirmed order. The use of Gazelle is limited to people not bigger than 250 lbs. while Freestyle Elite weight capacity is up to 350 lbs. The resistance level of Gazelle equipment is somehow low as compared to Freestyle Elite which is 3 times more than the ordinary Gazelle fitness equipment.

Cost Difference:

Gazelle is the most affordable of all the elliptical trainers. For $99.00, you can already own a whole set of fitness equipment that allows you to glide, to jog and to walk under a safe environment. On the other hand, Gazelle Freestyle is more expensive model with a standard price of $200.00. This is due to a more compact and effective features like the 2-1/4-inch heavy gauge steel that holds up to 300 lbs. and a dual-action, split-suspension that provides complete range of motion and freedom of movement. It also includes a 30-minute personal trainer workout video and eating plan help book in one package.