Get Him to Express His Feelings to You! Tips to Help Your Man Open Up

Men are often like a maze to us. One day we feel as though we’re completely on the right path because our guy seems happy and fulfilled. The next day arrives and it appears as though we’ve wandered off into the darkness as he’s pulled back or becomes distant and critical. It’s difficult to know how to react when your man’s mood shifts and he won’t share what he’s feeling with you. Contrary to popular opinion, many men do feel things very deeply. Men can also be incredibly fickle when it comes to love and romance. If your guy shuts down and won’t share what’s going on in his heart and in his head, you don’t have to continue feeling frustrated and lost. Women actually have an innate ability to get their man to express what he feels. You just need to know what to do to get the man you love to feel so close to you that sharing with you becomes normal, natural and extraordinarily comfortable.

Show Him That You’re Completely and Utterly Accepting

One of the main reasons many men don’t share their feeling s unconditionally with their mate is that they fear they won’t be accepted. If you are the type of woman who is painfully honest that can work against you when it comes to building a strong communication connection with your man. It’s obviously very important to always be as honest as possible within your relationship but if your man feels that you are going to criticize him, he’ll pull back and shut you out.

You can build a strong base of acceptance if you show him that you love him just as he is. Don’t try and change the man he is and don’t make derogatory comments about him or the choices he has made in his life.

One area that can hugely impact your own connection with your current love is if you have become someone who constantly reminds him how foolish it was to get involved with his ex girlfriend. Many men have regrets when it comes to past loves and if you make fun or point a finger at how unwise his part decisions in love were, you are going to alienate him. You have to be willing to accept him as is, past warts and all. Once your man feels that you love him, in spite of all the baggage he brings to your relationship, he’ll feel closer to you and will be more likely to share his current feelings.

Create a Comforting Environment for Him to Share In

If your world is always filled with drama, you’re going to discover that your man isn’t all that keen on sharing the intimate details of what he’s feeling. The reason is very simple. If he senses that you turn everything into a theatrical circus, he’s not going to want to place himself in the middle of that. If a man believes that his woman will react in an over the top or emotional way, he will keep everything to himself. He doesn’t want to tell you he’s not ready for a commitment or he wants a break if he senses that you’ll fall apart at the seams. You need to show him that you’re emotionally mature enough to handle anything he throws your way.

To accomplish this it’s important to be ready for any curve ball that he may throw in your direction. Always expect the unexpected from him. If he does share some feelings that are difficult for you to absorb, tell him as much in a calm way. Simply state that you appreciate his honesty but you need some time to process what he just shared with you. If you can do this, he’ll feel more inclined to share everything he’s feeling because he’ll know that you can handle it in a mature and rational way.

Don’t Be Too Eager to Always Share Your Innermost Feelings

One of the major hurdles that many couples need to get over is that one person is too quick, too eager or too assertive when it comes to sharing what they feel. Typically women take on this role. We feel so much for the man we’re involved with that we just allow the emotional floodgates to swing open and we start rattling off everything we’re feeling.

If your man isn’t ready to share what he feels with you, he’s going to feel cornered or pressured. If we’re being honest, we can agree that we have a certain level of expectation that comes with sharing our hearts with a man. At the very least we expect him to reciprocate those feelings. If he doesn’t, we feel embarrassed, he feels uncomfortable and the entire dynamic of the relationship changes.

A good rule to follow is to allow him to set the pace for the sharing of feelings. You may worry that this will result in confusion and a string of misunderstandings about what the relationship really is and where it’s headed. When a man falls in love, he wants to share that with the woman of his desire. He wants to do that on his own timetable. He doesn’t want to feel pressured into saying it before he feels completely ready. That’s why you should accept the relationship for what it is, embrace the experiences you have and show him that you’re the type of woman who will give him the emotional room he needs to sort through his feelings. If you can master that, you’ll be well on your way to a deep connection with a man who feels you understand him. He’ll see you as someone who is ready, willing and happy to wait for him to want to share his feelings when he feels ready.