Get Ripped Legs Not Big Legs!

The popular idea in the gym lies in developing a huge upper body, in order for you to be able to showcase those mighty muscles to everyone you meet. Much of the time, choices that we make earlier are the better ones. Somewhere on the way, you start to hear things like, this guy or that other guy looks silly with their huge upper body and slender legs. You start to think about developing big legs so that your physique appears more in line with the people you are hanging with in the gym.

The Times That it Is Right to Build Up Your Legs

In particular, specific points in an individual’s life, performing routine leg training does make sense. When you are a novice in weight training, this is the only point where I suggest a person perform any routine leg build up exercises. To safeguard himself from any potential harm later on in the workout lifespan, an individual who is a newbie in working out with weights might practice a little leg work regimen so that he is able to develop some trunk and quad strength. Younger kids only beginning to work out with weights also fall under this category.

If a person has very slender legs, then I would make a second exception to my personal rule. A little dead-lifting and squatting might be in order, in such cases. The two most efficient exercises for legs that will put on muscle fast are the dead lift and the squat.

I just suggest such routine training for legs on a basis of once or twice every week for no more than six months, in the two situations that I talked about.

Building up huge legs destroys your physique.

Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s as bodybuilding began to be more accepted in the popular culture, this concept of developing enormous legs caught on. To have a good looking proportion, you had to develop that “hour glass” physique, but this concept was only in males’ heads.

To power up my legs, I used to pile on 315 pounds of weight on the squat rack. That turned out to be a horrible mistake. For what purpose did I really need such enormous legs?

Enormous legs causes you to look ridiculous.

When you look at a man with enormous legs nicely dressed for an evening out, have you considered that something about him does not seem exactly right? Either he wears baggy jeans which appear laughable, or his pants are worn too tightly and his legs are squeezed into them like sardines in a can. What about if you happen to see a big man wearing a suit? It simply does not appear right.

You don’t want them to think when they see you in the gym, dude that guy probably spends all of his time here; this is exactly my point that I want to get across. All that you want is to appear pleasant to look at, like a man who stays in good shape.

Then what is it that I do to hone my legs without performing heavy leg lifting work?

You will see that they have something in common, when you check out NBA players and sprinters. The majority of them all have well defined legs, but not enormous ones. In order to not over develop their legs, the majority of them steer clear of too much muscle building. Huge legs would only interfere with their natural abilities to compete effectively. Without the enormous sized legs that you see when you look at bodybuilders, these sports only develop good dense muscles in their legs.

To ensure that I do enough leg workout without performing routine heavy leg lifting, I have a certain regiment that I do; allow me to share it with you.

On Monday: Back, abs, chest

On Tuesday: Biceps, triceps, and shoulders

Repeat this regimen on Saturday and Sunday.

I pound the cardio work out hard using High Intensity Interval Training following every resistance type of workout; that is my secret. I alternate between the treadmill and the stepmill.

Remember: Yet another advantage of performing such a leg workout lies in having a good butt. Better looking than with squats, your glutes will gain that fine appearance. Sprinting toughens up the butt to give it a firm appearance. Making it appear overly large, squats build the butt up instead.

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