Give Your Woman Waves of G-Spot Orgasms So Strong She Could Break Your Nose With Her Thighs

Give Your Woman Waves of G-Spot Orgasms So Strong She Could Break Your Nose With Her Thighs

All men know about the G-spot, but few men know that you can produce extended series of these climaxes in quick succession. This is perhaps the most erotic move you can do in the bedroom with your lady. At times her muscles will contract so hard that if you are under her she can easily break your nose.

What you don’t know about G-spot orgasms

The Gafenburg area is a little bigger than the thumb of most men and has the ability to cause over 30 orgasmic convulsions in under 30 minutes if done correctly. The technique is not hard to master, it is just knowing that it is possible that is the first hurdle, because it just sounds so unreal.

How to pull it off

Throw almost everything you have ever heard about how to give Gafenburg climaxes out the window. Everything that is written about them is about giving 1 or 2, not the 30 that is absolutely possible. The only thing that is going to limit the number that your woman can have is how long she can stand the ecstasy. Some women actually can’t catch their breath after they start having multiples, so keep a watchful eye on how quickly you are wearing out your lover.

You do not want her to rest on her back for this. She needs to be on her chest, with her back side facing you up. Your point of pleasure is going to be your thumb. Insert the thumb downward and search for the spot in the traditional location, about 2 inches on the front of the vaginal wall. Start gently massaging it at first, but build the pressure up after you start to notice her reacting. This area is not like the clitoris, in that the nerve endings are slightly covered by skin, where as the clitoral nerves are right on the surface of the skin.

The secret key to giving your something she has never experienced before

After you run circles around the area for about 3 minutes, her back should arch and she should have her first release. Now, up until this point no one has probably given her more than 2 of these. So when, and if, she thinks the fun is over, you need to either convey implicitly that you are going to keep going or just tell her, honey, I am going to keep going.

AT this point, she can literally have one big one about every minute or 2 with moderate stimulation. She is getting to get very exhausted after a while, so make sure to check her vital signs after about 10 of these. But, if she seems in good condition, keep going until she can’t take it anymore.