How Can I Make My Penis Bigger and Firmer?

For firmer and bigger penis it is necessary to improve blood flow, clear blood carrying vessels and work on improving the size of tissues in the penile shaft and there are safe and natural ways by which one can make this happen. Penis is an organ which does not have muscles, it is a structure made up of veins, arteries, tissues and nerves, all of these in combination on the command of brain work together to provide erection for performing lovemaking act. The size of the tissues and their blood absorbing capacity determines the size and firmness of male sex organ while erect.

Due to aging, poor diet, lack of physical activity or bad habits like over masturbation many people slow down the flow of blood to the genitals and also due to obstructed blood carrying vessels quantity of the blood supplied to genitals during arousal also reduces which gradually reduce the size of tissues and result is weak and lesser erections. Some people may acquire this problem by birth due to malnutrition or under developed physique. May be due to any reason small sized erectile tissues, weak nerves and thin or blocked veins can make the size of penis small and the erections weak.

Herbal enlargement pills can help a male in making his penis bigger and firmer, these pills are herbal hence have no ill effects on the body and contains ingredients like gingko biloba, nettle leaf, saw palmetto, muira puama and L-arginine. These herbal ingredients supplement the body with necessary nutrients and amino-acids to remove deficiency and promote better hormonal secretion for increasing libido and sensation in the genitals. These pills clear blood vessels and promote blood flow to the genitals which is pushed into the erectile tissues to make them bigger and provide firmer erections. These pills expand the volume of veins too by clearing and dilating them during erections, to extend the size of the male organ.

Apart from these pills herbal oils and creams such as Mast Mood oil are also used as topical application to promote blood flow and strengthen the functioning of tissues and nerves of the male genitals. These topically used supplements have the capacity to clear the skin barrier and affect the internal parts like penile tissues and veins and make them dilate. This dilation causes growth in the size of penis to make it bigger, the increase in the volume of veins and tissues allows more blood to flow in and get absorbed by the tissues to provide firmer erections.

Massaging male organ with enlargement herbal oils is an excellent treatment to make penis bigger and firmer in very short time as compared to other methods. Massages are very helpful in clearing veins and dilating tissues to firstly, promote unobstructed and better blood flow, and secondly, promote more absorption of blood by dilated tissues. Massages shall be done with care and using proper technique to get quick results, jelquing and ballooning are two techniques which have been used by many for desired effects. The herbal oils and creams are also very good to increase endurance and give longer duration of erections to make lovemaking more fun-filled and full of pleasure.