How Much Does Britney Weigh? Britney Spears’ Diet Regimen

Britney Spears is back with new diet regimen, a hot new album and a world tour and a tight body from her five times a week workouts. She shows off her hot new look on the cover of OK! Magazine dressed in a white bikini showing off her physique for the world to see.

The 26-year-old mother of two seems to have gotten past the last two troubling years of her life and declares she is at her “healthiest she’s been all her life.” Britney credits her new physique to a strict diet plan that cuts out all the sugar in her diet. She intimates that she doesn’t eat fruit or have fruit juice because of its sugar content. Instead, her meals consist of chicken, salmon, avocados and rice. Breakfast at the Pop Princess’ table would be egg whites and has turkey burgers for lunch limiting her total caloric intake to 1,200 calories per day. She says “it may not sound like it’s much but it’s actually a lot of food if you eat the right things.” She has foregone the frappuccinos she used to enjoy so much but she admits to still drinking coffee.

Also, the grueling five day two hours a week workout has toned her body to her pre K Fed days and she is still at it. She still plans on continuing on her diet plan to maintain her figure as she goes on tour in both the US and England. Hopefully by the end of the tour, the answer to the question – “How much does Britney weigh” would still be 120 lbs?