How to Beat Lactic Acid Buildup – Creatine and Lactic Acid

How to Beat Lactic Acid Buildup – Creatine and Lactic Acid

Can creatine reduce lactic acid build up?

Have you ever been sore after a workout? The kind of sore that makes tears come from your eyes? Ever felt like it would hurt less to fall down the stairs than walk down them? If you have ever experienced extreme muscle soreness, read on! 

When you engage in resistance training, as well as sports that require sharp energy bursts, glycogen breakdown results in lactic acid build up. Have you ever seen a sports reporter interviewing a hockey player while he is riding a stationary bike after the game is over? These elite athletes know a secret; to decrease muscle soreness after a game; you have to burn off all the lactic acid that has built up. A few minutes on the bike can save you a world of hurt a day or two later. 

What does creatine have to do with this?  

Creatine phosphate acts as buffer to the build up of lactic acid. It aids in the production of ATP. During intense exercise, this process literally eats hydrogen ions which are released by lactic acid and build up in your muscles. The increased amount of hydrogen ions interferes with muscle contractions. Creatine however, allows you to workout longer with less fatigue. The result is less lactic acid build up. Simply, less lactic acid means less sore. So yes, it is always good to spend a few minutes cooling down after intense exercise. But in addition, supplementing  your diet with creatine can reduce the intensity muscle soreness.