Leg and Thigh Exercises – 2 Workouts to Sexy Legs and Thighs

Leg and Thigh Exercises – 2 Workouts to Sexy Legs and Thighs

Here’s 2 excellent exercises for nice, sexy legs and thighs. You’ll get gorgeous legs and a nice firm bottom if you do these exercises consistently. Many gym goers make things way too complicated when it comes to working out their legs. They go from machine to machine and do a lot of different exercises that don’t work. Honestly that’s a waste of time.

1. Incline treadmill jog or walk

You can go hiking up in the hills or mountain to get great legs. But let’s face it most people cannot do that regularly. So the next best thing is incline treadmill jogging. I suggest incline the treadmill to 30 degrees, but 20 degrees is fine as well.

The incline really make a huge difference for leg toning… when you compare it to someone walking on a flat surface for the same goal. Try doing no more than 25 minutes of incline jogging. If you are a beginner, try walking instead of jogging for only 10 minutes until you’re ready to crank up the intensity.

2. chop step in place

Please don’t worry about the people looking at you like you are weird. Find an open space somewhere and chop step for 2 minutes non-stop. Chop steps are not high knee exercises. So what you do is take rapid small choppy steps in place. Your knees should never

go above your waist. As soon as your feet touches the ground immediately bring it back up just below your waist. Chop step in place for 2 minutes non-stop for a total of 20 minutes. Rest for 60 seconds between each set.

There you go, 2 exercises that will get you nice, and sexy legs and thighs.