Making Friends While Jogging

It can be good for you if you talk to others while you are out jogging. Even if it is just to let them know you are approaching somebody from behind.

If you meet people going the same way as you maybe ask if they would like some company. Sometimes it is more fun to run along with somebody else instead of running solo.

On one of my runs a while back I was doing an 18 mile training session. My training partner had agreed to do 10 miles with me but then he had to leave. This just meant that I had miles to complete on my own.

The first 10 miles of my session I ran with my training partner. This left the last 8 miles which I had planned to run solo, but then I came across another jogger. As we jogged along for a while talking I was amazed to realize that once he left we had done another 4 miles. Because of this I only had another 4 miles to complete on my own.

The whole experience managed to benefit the both of us considerably. The other jogger got the chance to jog at somebody else’s pace instead of his own pace, which is a good workout. I on the other hand managed to find some more company to make the time and distance pass a little quicker.

This is not the first time that I have run with somebody else while out jogging. I have not always planned to have a partner but as I come across people sometimes end up jogging with them. Sometimes these are people I know or have run with before. Other times they are complete strangers that just want a bit of company on their run.

Occasionally you may end up making new friends when you start to jog with them. You could come across them again at race meetings, or you may never see them again apart from the one time you jogged with them.