MMA Weight Training – Strength Training For MMA Power

Mixed Martial Arts are a fast growing sport both in popularity and in the number of people practicing the sport. MMA fighters are one of the most gifted and strong athletes in the world. They follow extremely demanding MMA weight training workouts.

MMA fighters know that they need to be in the best possible shape. Otherwise they may end up getting knocked out or hurt, or both. That is why they spend long hours preparing themselves for fights. MMA workouts consist of strength training, endurance and increasing lactate threshold.

MMA weight training workouts differ from the typical bodybuilder routine in that they do not, or at least should not focus on split routines.

Since during a fight, they must be able to generate power on all body positions, like while on the ground or standing up, it is better to concentrate on functional strength rather that how much you can bench.

Increasing muscle size is not the point, at least not to the expense of having to move up on fighting categories due to weight increase because of building muscle mass.

It is far more important to teach the muscles to contract with a lot of power and to build the strength endurance of the muscles.

An MMA weight training routine must include pushing and pulling motions and focus on all the major muscle groups.

Squats and its variations like the one legged squat, jumping one legged squat. Chin Ups and Pull Ups. Lunges, Push Ups and its variations, like clapping push ups, one arm push ups, etc.