New Balance 749 – Long Days on the Road

New Balance 749 – Long Days on the Road

As a basic running shoe for a casual runner, New Balance 749 gives decent performance at a good price. Not only the style of the shoe in black and silver looks great as pictured, but these are comfortable, offer great impact resistance and moderate arch support. As a matter of fact, the good looking of the shoe really helps you decide to buy this model.

The 749 are solid shoes as well as the New Balance “absorb” foam, though not as cushy as the Saucony shoes, seems to last you a very long time. The mesh upper, the typical design of running shoes, is so light and breathes well. For those New Balance believer who used to the 740s (the predecessor of this model), this shoe runs a bit narrow than your old 740s. What’s more, you can work and workout in these and they’re a great all around shoe. Supposing you were a picky shoe wearer, you would also commend this shoe. Overall, I would recommend these shoes to anyone who needs comfort.

Is it a good choice for joggers?

Yes, they are great pair of jogging shoes. Even if you, not a big fan of running who is 6’8″ and 250 pounds or so, had a pain in your feet and/or knees on running long distances, you could put on them for 12-14 miles per week and could not have any foot pain or blisters. Like most other jogging shoes, to be a little stiff at first, they do take a couple of days to break in. If you run/walk in them consistently, you will only take about a week to fully break in. All in all, they are pretty comfortable and a very good jogging shoes at a very fair price.

Is it an excellent pair of work shoes?

If you wore them daily as work shoes, on your feet 8 hours a day, on concrete flooring, you would be happy with the 749. However, the only problem with wearing them daily is the mesh material of which they’re made. When it’s cold, the cold air blows right through them. If the slightest bit of water drips on your shoe, it sinks right through your sock though you avoid puddles at all cost. As a running shoe they are not made for walking in snow and rain but for running. Just Live with it, to have comfortable feet!

Can I wear them for hiking or walking?

For those who do strenuous hikes and walks, these could come through for you. No slipping on rocks and good shock absorption! You can use them for walking, 12-15 miles a week and they are perfect for that. One important note: they are well vented, which is needed as you are running trails, but may distract if these are just for fashion or you walk through some wet grass while taking out the trash.

It runs a half size small.

They probably run a half size small. If your normal size is 13/13.5, just go with the 14 and it fits perfect, because New Balance has become the shoe manufacturer believing running shoes should come to a point in the center like women’s heel dress shoes. Therefore, if you don’t want to break your big toe, buy this shoe a size or a half size large.

Are they noisy?

They, In fact, do squeak a bit on hard floors right out of the box when you got them.

How about the performance for over-pronator?

Not enough stability – For a moderate over-pronator, I have to say, while these shoes look great and fit great, the stability just isn’t enough for your feet as you can feel yourself rolling to the inside of this shoe.

Shopping tips:

  • Model number: MR749 (Men’s); WR749 (Women’s).
  • Last: PL-1 Last.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Weight: 11.00 oz (Men’s); 10.00 oz (Women’s).
  • Size: A half size smaller.
  • Lacing: The laces are a bit too short.
  • For orthotics: You have to replace insoles with orthotics.
  • Break in period: 1 week.