Pike Fly Fishing Tackle

Pike fly fishing tackle needs to be strong, sturdy, and ready to fight some very large fish. If you are not well equipped, you could find yourself breaking off time and time again. Check out the recommendations below to make sure the gear you are using is adequate for the species you are chasing.

Rod – You want to make sure you are using at least an 8’6″ rod, if not a 9’0″ or longer. The extra length helps to control the Pike’s head, and provides a lot more flex, keeping you from breaking off your leader when they shake or jump.

Reel – You want a reel that has a strong disc drag. Pike make strong, short runs and can strip your fly reel very powerfully. If the drag you have is not up for the task, the Pike could pull your line out, revealing your backing and putting you into a sticky situation. For the fishes safety, as well as your trophy book, make sure that you have a reel that contains a strong enough disc drag system to keep the fish at bay.

Line – You need to match the line you are using to the weight of the fly rod. You can get away with using a Bass tapered leader to flip over the large flies at the end of your cast, but if you can find a Pike specific leader, it is better to use them. You also want to make sure that you have a wire or strong braided trace to keep the fishes teeth from cutting your line.

Best Pike Fly Fishing Tackle

The best pike fly fishing outfit is the Redington Crosswater 9’0″ 9wt. It includes a weight forward 9wt floating fly line to help cast large pike flies, and 100 yards of 20lb backing. All you will need to get are some Bass or Pike leaders, and some large flies to start catching the trophies in your favorite hole. Tip: Dahlberg divers, and large baitfish imitations or bright colors work great to entice them into biting.