Potty Training – The 2 Important Goals Of Toilet Training

Potty Training – The 2 Important Goals Of Toilet Training

Do you know the two important goals of potty training?

Learn these goals and make potty training easier.

The first goal is to train your child to use the potty or toilet.

Your second and no less important goal is to train yourself to be vigilant as to when your child needs to go potty.Learn the particular times you need to be vigilant and so save many accidents.

Once you have made the decision to toilet train your child you should remove the diaper from your child for the whole day. I have never found it to work if you try and keep the diaper or pull ups on and potty train a child.

Your child has always used his diaper as a toilet and you will be trying to get him not to use a diaper as a toilet and if you try and do this while still putting him in one he will extremely confused.

Do you really want your child to be very confused or would you like to make potty training as easy as possible for him? It may be easier for you to not bother to take your child to the bathroom as often as you need to but how will that help your child to understand what he needs to do. Leave your child in underwear not in a pull-up, because if you look at it from your child’s point of view, if it looks like a diaper, feels like a diaper and smells like a diaper, it must be a diaper.

Going from diapers straight to briefs or knickers will mean that there are likely to be a few more accidents, but there will not so many that you will not be capable of dealing with them. Just carry a couple of sets of clothes with you and a waterproof bag to put the wet ones in.

You need to take or send your child to the bathroom at regular times these ones are musts:

  • Every time just before you go out
  • Just before naps and bedtime
  • 20-40 minutes after a large drink, depending how long the liquid takes to get through your child’s system
  • Several times after swimming (They can drink a lot of pool water;
  • If your child has not been for over half an hour. As you get further along in potty training you will know how long you can leave your child. Depending on drinks etc. You will also extend this as your child progresses.
  • Before watching television or videos.
  • Before doing something that involves a lot of concentration.
  • Before and after meals

The key to successful training is consistent positive repetition. In the beginning it will be mostly you that does all the reminding and taking but within a few days your child will frequently be asking to use the potty himself.

A rewards chart can often work as good incentive