Pulling Up Facts About Medicinal Herbs For Dry Skin

Pulling Up Facts About Medicinal Herbs For Dry Skin

Have you ever pulled plants from the soil? One can pull facts about medicinal plants from the large store of information on the Internet. This article calls readers’ attention to a few facts about medicinal herbs for dry skin.

The users of herbal dry skin products appreciate the benefits of aloe vera, calendula and comfrey. Those are herbs that are applied to the skin. Yet not all the remedies for dry skin get smeared on the skin. Some essential oils are added to bath water.

In addition, there are herbal dry skin products that are meant to be ingested. Teas that contain chamomile, dandelion or peppermint have been pointed to as a treatment for dry skin. Borage, fennel and calendula are other herbs that have been used to make a skin-healing tea.

Still, not everyone with dry skin can feel safe using a medicinal herb to treat that skin. Women who are pregnant, nursing or attempting to become pregnant should know that scientists have not investigated the degree to which medicinal herbs can affect a developing child.

Someone who is taking medications for some other health problem should speak with a doctor before using any medicinal herbs for dry skin. That advice certainly applies to someone who has recently had surgery. While surgery can dry the skin, it also exposes the body to many chemicals. Patients should not mix those chemicals with the chemicals in some of these herbs.

A person who has hay fever might want to consider an alternative to an herbal treatment. In fact, a person who is allergic to any plant should think twice before trying herbals for dry skin. Only an experienced herbalist, or a botanist, can identify those herbs that belong in the same plant family.

Medicinal type herbs should not be used on small babies. Even adults can be harmed by these, if used in excess.

In light of all the facts above, one can appreciate the need for alternatives to the available medicinal herbs for dry skin. What are those alternatives? Which of those alternatives would most effectively substitute for one of these herbal dry skin products?

A skin care product that can stimulate collagen production is an excellent substitute for an herbal skin treatment. All healthy skin contains collagen. Any healthy skin cell should be able to produce collagen. The absence of collagen in skin can lead to the development of dry skin.

How can skin benefit from the production of collagen by skin cells? Collagen is a fiber-like protein. Think how firm and strong a tight rope can be. That is how firm and strong skin can be, when it contains an adequate amount of collagen.

The reader should not assume that a good skin care product must contain lots of collagen. A good skin care product should stimulate the skin cells to produce collagen. The ability to smear collagen on the skin is not going to aid the healing of dry skin.

In conclusion, a good skin care product should penetrate the skin, so that it can not be washed off the skin. A good skin care product helps the skin to carry-out its normal biochemical functions. The production of collagen is one of those vital functions.