Super Mustache Man (Fictional Short Story)

Super Mustache Man (Fictional Short Story)

In movies and comic books are the real world for superheroes, but one man has fallen seriously in taking the praise and aspiring to be doing heroic acts. Mr. Motly couldn’t get enough of superheroes so he pondered so much of what it would be like them. A dream weaver as he fondly attracted his subconscious mind to form creative information.

As the clock sets forth, Mr. Motly’s evocative mind has turned back the time into his boyhood days nurtured by full of figments of the imagination. He remembered creating stories for all his miniature plastic toy soldiers and always fell dreaming of flying by the gesture of flapping his arms and feet. Growing up in a small town near a river where the many flows of life embarked and ended like the dramatic changes of the ones breathtaking water into a wan-looking river. Mr. Motly relinquished the good old days and has notably fashioned a hirsute upper lip.

The biggest fear that one has to live for the rest of his life is living in increasingly perilous times. The world seems to be in a vulnerable situation from a back to back violence: Homicide, violence against children, women, and the weak one. As we live in a world where serenity is besieged by doubts because of man-made disasters like terrorism, mass murder, conflicts, and much violence committed against humans and not to forget also the natural disasters. Everyone wrestles with fear, worrying about the chances of falling to such viciousness. Dangers are lurking behind every corner–where can one run to ask for help?

Every single day, Mr. Motly had thought of the helpless persons just in need of a savior like a superhero. He argued that with the advances in medicine and technology he will be able to succeed in performing the invincible superheroes. Mr. Motly considered also the applicable medications in increasing the mind function and the nanotechnology that may intensify his physique. Mr. Motly was very clear to himself of becoming a knight in shining armor for the feeble one. Mr. Motly trained so hard to build a stronger body. He perfected slugfest and his kick; he practiced impeccable moves to destroy the hooligans. During a long confined workout, he developed beefy shoulders with herculean strength. Once he gained the confidence of his skills, he started contemplating on his identity, in what suit he would clad as reminiscent of a superhero. Since Mr. Motley has a dashing charisma of his mustache, he liked it to be exposed. He donned a powerful exoskeleton like armored suit under a black suit pairing it with an ascot cap and covering his eye-nose area with a mask. His tactical pants paired with tactical boots. Only one weapon he chose in toting with him was a pair of Arnis–a non-bladed weapon made from flexible rattan sticks to disarm and to subdue the enemy. Mr. Motly will use his skills to counter daily crime and saving the innocent.

In the evening where crimes would usually take place, Mr. Motly would go around riding on his motorcycle and will watch the serenity of the place, he kept vigilance for someone to rescue from a life-threatening situation.

In the next morning, witnesses shared stories about a good Samaritan with hidden identity who had rescued a woman from her abductors. The witnesses described how the masked man shielded the woman from gunshot and how the unidentified man used his skills of the Arnis by disarming and conquering the outlaws.

Each morning, stories about the masked man were all over the newspaper, revealing the heroic acts. Many horrified hotel guests retelling a gruesome night when a gunman’s incessant shooting brought traumas on them while one selfless person stepped inside and shepherded dozens to safety and finally tucked the gunman inside the prison cell.

The next evening, when one apartment was ablaze and ready to collapse, the masked man got those trapped out of dangers. The mysterious man would be seen hanging around with street children showing magic tricks to entertain and sometimes would teach the children with things learned inside the school as he wanted them to keep away from illegal activities.

It’s a matter of depriving positive human qualities, spreading false beliefs, absurd promise, irrational principle, moral retraction, and identity concealment that evil ways are fostered.

Someone will emerge to defend those lacking the power to fight back. The courage to protect someone from harm is a duty to defend a moral cause without expecting any reward in return.

On many encounters, one could not stop in asking who’s hiding behind the mask; Mr. Motly respectably replied to them, “Super Mustache Man.”