Swimming As Exercise For Baby Boomers

More and more people today are looking towards getting healthier so it is no surprise that baby boomers are also jumping on the get healthy band wagon. One of the most popular forms of exercise amongst the baby boomers seems to be swimming. This is one of the least strenuous forms of exercise and you can get in a full workout without over working your body.

Most people do not realize all of the benefits that can be obtained from swimming. Swimming and water exercise is the second best form of exercise that has the lowest rate for injuries. Walking is still the leader in that aspect for low injury rates. There are a great many doctors who will recommend that you do water exercises so that you can strengthen your muscles without harming your recovery from illness or injury. Swimming is great physical therapy for people of all ages no matter what their current physical condition is.

Baby boomers like swimming as it allows them to utilize almost all of their major muscle groups at the same time, so that they can get a complete total body workout with minimal strain. The water works as a great form of resistance so that you can use it as strength training and even for aerobic exercises. The baby boomers like water fitness as it can work well for people of all fitness levels. It can help people strengthen their muscles and build up their endurance as well as making them much more flexible.

Many people are not aware that swimming actually provides almost all of the same effects as running does. The difference between running and swimming is that you are not putting a strain on your connective tissues as you do when you are running or doing weight training. Many baby boomers find that swimming allows them to easily maintain the fitness lever or to improve on it as well. You can also do exercise in water more often then you could if you were doing them out of water because the amount of injuries is so low. When you are in water, your body weight is reduced my nearly 90{70bf3f0de345653d44762dc26ff670ad140dd79bcbd9067b668b28c6672699c3} your movements are 12 times greater then just doing them in the air, therefore you can do much more while in the water.

If you are from the baby boomer era then you will want to look into swimming as a recreational activity. Water fitness such as swimming is safe and it will help you to fill your need for exercise. You can also increase your range of motion with this low impact type of exercise. As with starting any type of new exercise program, you should check with your doctor to be sure that you are doing the right thing. Your doctor can recommend some water exercises that are right for your particular fitness level so that you do not over do it. You can also look into local recreational facilities to see if they offer swimming classes or water fitness classes that you can get in on. Many times you can find a class that is for your age group as well as your fitness level.