Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Bodylastics – Is It Better Than The Competition?

I am sure you have heard of Terrell Owens, the loud mouthed, superstar wide receiver for the Bengals, but did you know about the resistance bands he endorses, the Terrell Owens super strong man Bodylastics?

The resistance bands are the only thing Terrell will use to workout, he gave up on free weights a long time ago.

If you would like to know more about the Terrell Owens super strong man Bodylastics, read on. I will also give some back-story on how Terrell and the creator of Bodylastics bands, Blake Kessell, came together to create this magnificent piece of exercise equipment. As well as all of the things that you get with the bands and the price.

First I would like to go over how the Terrell Owens super strong man Bodylastics came into existence. Fairly early in Terrell’s career, he was sidelined with an injury. He started rehabilitating with free weights, but soon gave up because of the joint pain he would endure. He soon came across a product named the Bodylastics bands, a type of resistance bands that offered the same workout as free weights, with less risk of joint and other types of injuries. He still uses them to this day, and so he is nicknamed “The Elastic Man” as a result. He soon teamed up with Blake Kessell, the creator of Bodylastics to promote his own line of bands named the Terrell Owens super strong man Bodylastics.

The second thing I would like to go over is what is included when you purchase these bands. You will get all of the normal things that you would get with a standard set of Bodylastics bands. The lifetime defects warranty, the user manual and if you choose so, the DVD. What you get with these bands is the exact diet and nutrition guide Terrell himself used to get his physique he is known for, in addition to his football skills and ego. There is also a 6 week no results money back guarantee. What this means is that, if within 6 weeks of using the bands you do not begin to show results, you can return them for a full refund. Talk about putting their money where their mouth is.

The last thing I would like to discuss is the price and the amount of resistance the Terrell Owens strong man Bodylastics offer. They run for less than $100 with everything including the DVD. It offers up to 254 Lbs. of resistance with the ability to attach up to 7 seven bands to one handle. The handles are made of aluminum metal, for added durability. You can definitely get the results you want with this kind of power at your disposal.

If you feel like the Terrell Owens super string man Bodylastics are for you, then give them a try. There is absolutely no risk in trying with all the warranties in place. Even if you do not like them, you don’t have to keep them. I have tried them and I am a huge advocate of the bands. They get you the results you want as long as you stick with it, which is easy with everything they include with the bands.