The Best Ab Exercises For an Eye Catching Six Pack

There are a lot of women and men are looking online hoping to uncover best 6 pack ab exercises to help them get awesome six pack abs. While it’s certainly true that you need to construct ab work outs that give you the opportunity to focus on the different muscles in your mid section, hopefully most people know by now that the only way to get ripped abs is to burn off ab fat and focus on lowering your overall body fat levels.

Of course it would be nice to go on believing all of the infomercials and ads created to make us think that there is an easy way to make it happen, the truth is that no ab cruncher equipment, fat melting pill or six pack ab exercise will be able to take the place of good old fashioned hard work! Before we go any further put all of your thoughts about electro-stimulation shock devices and gimmicky abs rollers out of your mind. It’s time to get to work by putting the effective ab workouts listed below to use!

There really are a lot of effective movements that focus on the muscles in your mid section very effectively, so it’s difficult to cut down the list to just a couple of what I believe to be the most efficient abdominal exercises. When I put this list together, I chose abdominal exercises that put the emphasis on most of the major muscles in your abs, while still requiring effort from the other accompanying ab muscles. So that you’re able to train all of your abdominal muscles in one quick and easy workout without having to get too creative with your ab workout.

The Best Ab Exercises And Tips

The Number 1 Ab Exercises For The Rectus Abdominous

1. Hanging Leg Raises
2. Hanging Knee Raises
3. Hip Thrusts
4. Weighted Crunches
5. Weighted Decline Crunches
6. Cable Crunches

The Top Abdominal Exercises For The Obliques

1. Saxon Side Bends
2. Russian Twists
3. Exercise Ball Side Crunches

The Top Abs Exercises For Your Transverse Abdominous

1. Stomach Vacuums

If you realize that you’re going to have to learn how to burn fat at the same time you start your ab workouts, then you’ll definitely have a good chance at uncovering a six pack. Just take a few of the best abdominal exercises listed on this page and work them into your ab workouts. This will ensure that your abdominal training is complete, effective and targets all of the muscles in your mid section at the same time.