The Perfect Body Cream for Aged Skin: Knowing the Basics About Skin Care Ingredients

The Perfect Body Cream for Aged Skin: Knowing the Basics About Skin Care Ingredients

The skin plays an aesthetic function of affording people with attractiveness, which can only come from a healthy and radiant skin. This is considered the most important of the skin’s functions, and the presence of many skin care products is proof to this claim. Of all the products for the skin, body cream for aged skin is one of the most used.

When asked what the largest body organ is, not many think of the skin. Aside from being the largest, the skin also plays the most varied of functions.

Primarily, it serves as the first line of defense of protecting the body against harmful organisms and substances that can otherwise cause havoc should they be allowed to enter.

Second, the skin acts in keeping the body’s fluid from evaporating and causing dehydration. Lastly, the skin acts as a means of insulation and heat cooling system.

However, with several body cream for aged skin being sold in the market, how do you choose the right one? When you buy body creams that contain natural ingredients, you can never go wrong.

Knowing the below information will enable you to select wisely from the various cream brands and products in the market:

1) Free radicals increases with age. Free radicals damage the cells of the body including that of the skin. Because the skin cells lose their ability to regenerate with age, you are left with lifeless and sagging skin.

Thus, to prevent free radicals from causing injury, you need to buy body cream for the aged skin that counters their effects. Creams with CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant, are especially helpful in fighting the free radicals.

2) Production of new skin cells slows down with age. Just like any other cells in the body, the cells of the skin also lose their ability to regenerate. This is why people approaching the late adulthood stage experience this problem.

You need to find body cream for aged skin that stimulates cell growth. Xtend TK is a natural ingredient found to stimulate the growth of new cells despite aging.

3) The production of collagen decreases with age. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin its firmness. You have to be wary about a body cream for aged skin that claims to give you high concentration of collagen.

This will not, in any way, benefit you as collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin because of its largeness. It would be best to find creams with Xtend-TK that stimulate the production of collagen.

What if you are just finding it extremely hard to get back that youthful appearance?

I know how hard it is to regain that youthful glow that you once had, but if you want to regain that youthful look again you’ll need to learn about the effective compounds that work amazingly well in attaining a more youthful appearance.