Want Muscle? Develop a Muscle-Building Mindset!

Want Muscle?  Develop a Muscle-Building Mindset!

Let’s play a game; I will be “frank” and you be “honest”, okay?

If you were given only a few measly weeks to transform your scrawny physique into a muscle-massed, ripped six-pack, world-class body, could you step up to the plate and accept the challenge, even if your life depended upon it?

Was that too drastic? How about this: Let’s imagine you want to enter a bodybuilding contest a few months down the road, or vie for the title of the “most buff dude” in your county or perhaps pose for a well-known sculptor who had been commissioned by your town to erect a statue of someone with a near-perfect physique.

How would you handle the challenge (no matter how badly you wanted it) if you are the guy at the other end of the gene pool where the water is a bit sparse (thin / skinny / scrawny), and although you DO work out with weights, you have never managed to appear any more “ripped” than any other average ‘Joe’ walking down the street?

Would you cave, forget about it and whine about being a “hard gainer”? Or would you decide to give yourself a mental adjustment, drop the self-pitying label that dumps your desired results of weight gain in the dirt and built muscle mass by CHOOSING TO VISUALIZE YOURSELF as you WANT to be, instead of how you are?

There is a single secret ingredient to bodybuilding that has more fire-power to propel you towards that muscular, buff body than you can imagine (even before you begin your training) and I am going to tell you what it is!

Keep thinking of yourself as a “hard gainer” and continue to build a measly 3 – 5 pounds of muscle a year; choose to VISUALIZE YOURSELF as fit and muscular, ripped, lean – and you’ll begin moving towards that very image of yourself.

There is a devastating mindset which exists among bodybuilders that is self-sabotaging to their efforts, no matter how hard they try to gain weight and build lean muscle mass.

Negative self-talk and simply agreeing with what you see in the mirror by labeling yourself a “hard gainer” frustrates your mind and sabotages your efforts in the gym – plus, it’s a poor excuse for not achieving your goals. Excuses are for the weak; using your mind to visualize yourself as how you want to be is for the strong. While you may blame the program, the trainer or your own undisciplined lifestyle, the fact remains that if you will consistently and persistently see yourself as how you desire to be, all of the above simply doesn’t matter that much.

It’s an easy fix if you want to take on the challenge to reach your full, muscle-building potential. Every excuse you can think of will come under the positive influence of your renewed thinking when you choose to have a mental mindset that is centered on muscle-building rather than your ‘status quo’.

The most fatal mindset you can have is one that focuses on what is, instead of what can be. Instead of saying to yourself “How can I DO this?” you need to say “How CAN I do this?” Reinforcing the body you desire will insulate you from failure and fuel a muscle-building mindset that guarantees your success over time.

Here’s an little trick for you to use that will show you how visualization, or “guided imagery” can work for you: Right before bedtime, become aware of your thoughts; instead of re-hashing your day, use this time to GUIDE YOUR MENTAL PICTURES towards the muscular physique you desire by mentally picturing yourself as physically fit … muscle-massed … having a world-class body. “See” yourself in the gym before a full-length mirror, turning from side to side, admiring your ripped 6-pack, enjoying the result of your muscle-building efforts, basking in the admiration of those around you. Hold that ‘picture thought’ for as long as you can before falling asleep.

Repeat nightly. You’ll be amazed at what it will do. By re-aligning your thoughts and holding that “buff you” as a picture in your mind’s eye as you fall asleep at night, you will begin to change your attitude and self-perception until it manifests itself in reality.

When you are awake, help reinforce this “before-bedtime” practice by reminding yourself of the great progress you are making; say things like “wow, I’m gaining weight so easily, now” and “I can see more lean muscle mass every day”. Practicing positive self talk and using the power of visualization right before you fall asleep at night is a potent, one-two punch because you are using the best natural resource at your disposal – your MIND – to fuel your inner furnace for success at the gym.

There is no such thing as casual or unintentional muscle and weight gain! The only way to achieve any significant results is with the proper muscle-building mindset (which includes positive self-talk) while using a workout routine and program you trust. USE YOUR MIND to build those biceps! I’m talking about muscle mass, people – 20 to 50 lean pounds of hard, ripped muscle!

The key is to stop drowning the flames of your desire for a buff, lean and muscular body by talking about how things ARE and intentionally replace that with the most vital step you can take in your journey towards becoming fit and muscular – developing an unstoppable visual image of what you want for yourself coupled with postivie self-talk. Grab hold of that muscle-building mindset and it WILL power you up and propel you toward a world-class body!

Have you ever heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’? Well ‘YOU GET WHAT YOU FOCUS ON’ -period. Focus on your poor, scrawny frame, you’ll stay that way; put your intent on that buff, muscular body, and … need I say more? Placing your intent and focus on building big muscles will literally force you to be successful in getting that ripped, lean physique you desire.

Say it; believe it; see it in your mind; GET IT. THINK AND GROW MUSCULAR!