Which Of The Dress Skirts Is The Best For My Body Type?

Women’s dress skirts come in many stylish designs and they have been fashionable for centuries but with time they have become even more stylish and many different patterns have been invented. The dress skirts come in all sizes and to suit all women’s styles. The styles for women’s range from pleated, to mini or short, to midi and even long skirts. The best part about dress skirts is that they do not only have to be worn with formal attire they can be worn at any occasion and still be in style. Dress skirts can be worn in any season and still be accessorised to fit that particular season. So many times these days even long flowing skirts have taken the place of formal dresses because of the beautiful blouses that can accent these skirts and make them even more flowing and appealing.

The skirt length that is most fashionable for the petite woman is the dress skirts that hit just above the knee. This adds a bit of height to the short women. The A-line skirt is also a fashion plus for the shorter women also. If you are one of the taller women, then you should never choose the short ones, like the mini skirt because it shows more leg and makes the legs look never-ending. The best dress skirt for the taller woman is the flared skirts which will usually complement their body style.

The pleated skirt is more appealing if worn in a shorter length just above the knees. The pleated skirts fit at the waist and are made with pleats that cause a beautiful flare once it is worn. This style of skirt can complement any body type. They are most popular with the cheerleaders and the pleats really do add accent to their uniforms. These skirts are also in the classification of the mini skirt in most instances but as mentioned above the knee length is really more appealing in this style of dress skirts.

The mini skirts seem to be invented more for the men than the women wearing them. The mini-skirts show lots of leg and even complement the shorter women because it appears to make their legs longer. These short dress skirts would be OK if tights or some kind of leggings were worn under them to cover bare skin and make the outfit more modest.

The long skirt is more comfortable than slacks in most situations unless your pants are stretchy and lounge pants. If a woman wants to look beautiful and still stylish but have the comfort of pants then the alternative is a long skirt. Any body shape can make a long skirt look good. It might take some experimenting with the lengths before a mirror but long skirts are definitely the style to go with.