When one pictures a typical nerd, we automatically imagine a scrawny kid with scraggly hair, pimples, and thick glasses. While the other attributes can be understood because they simply aren’t very attractive, how exactly did glasses get pulled into this derogatory stereotype? One’s intelligence or standing social skills have nothing to do with the impairment of their vision. — Is that possibly what it’s about? A disability, so to speak? In the above description of a nerd, several characteristics that can put a person at a disadvantage were mentioned. A weak physique, wild hair, and bad skin are all some of the natural drawbacks of puberty, especially for teenagers, or young adults – these are all characteristics that separate the men from the boys. Therefore, physically needing glasses could possibly be seen as yet another “weakness, and therefore prescription eyeglasses quickly became associated with a negative affliction…

Let’s further discuss how or why glasses equal NERD – and if it will ever change.

While glasses do still show up on stereotypical nerds, in some respects, they’ve started being adopted by the general public! One of the most typical-looking nerds: Bill Gates’ look was glorified due to his immense intelligence and genius-invention: Microsoft. Subsequently, many others have since begun embracing their own geekdom. As the years continue to go by, being a nerd has officially become cool; it’s a new style, properly known as: Geek Chic. Now the general public has not only purposely started donning glasses, they’ve taken on the specific types of frames once seen as nerdy.

So, would you like to equal nerd also?? One great style of glasses is the wayfarer frames – frequently seen on the street, in just about every color available! Wayfarer frames can be found in both the Geek Chic style – as well as another semi-nerdy: Hipster outfits. Another style you could go with, should you wish to pull-off the Geek Chic look are the very round frames – made most popular by one of the greatest nerds of all time: Harry Potter. These are only two of the new nerdy types of frames that come out of the Geek Chic or Hipster styles. However, as long as you’re wearing a pair of full-rimmed frames – usually a bit over-sized – you’ll definitely fit the ‘glasses equal nerd‘ phenomenon! Embrace it & look cool!

Luckily for the actual glasses-wearers out there, nerd is now in style! We can finally be ourselves, and let our real personality out with our choices of eye wear. So let’s take back the word nerd and shout it out – take your prescription glasses and wear them proudly! What if you don’t need glasses? You can still be considered a nerd if you want! Go online and get some great discount glasses just for fun! They’ll make you look smarter, and of course: nerdier!