Why Use Audio to Create Information Products

Audio is a great vehicle for creating content rich interviews with experts.

I began using it when I started my business in 2001 and am still using it today.

If I had to do it all over, I’m convinced I would have done it the same way – even given the recent increase in the amount of video on the internet. That’s because I still believe that in terms of capturing mind share – that is, my message inside people’s minds – audio offers definite advantages.

Ease of use is one of the great advantages of audio. All you need is a tape-recorder and a phone and you can be on your way to earning dollars for your business.

Another great thing about audio is that it is cheap. You can pick up a digital recorder from places such as Circuit City and Radio Shack for about $50 – a very affordable way to market. Editing software can be bought on-line for even less than that.

If you want to make the experts you’ll be interviewing feel comfortable, use audio. Tell them it’ll be like having a conversation on the phone – which is exactly what it is. They’ll be relaxed when you interview them and because if that, are more likely to deliver in terms of content.

Ease of use is another great aspect of using audio. If people miss something during one of your interviews, or find something that they want to hear again – it is very easy for them to stop the recording, rewind and play it again. There’s a certain peace-of-mind that comes from using audio. You know that it’s pretty easy for your audience to hear your message.

A further reason to choose audio as a medium to promote your business is the convenience factor. Think about it. People drive and listen. Garden and listen. Jog and listen. They don’t do these things and watch videos! If you want to maximize the chances of your marketing message being heard, it makes more sense for you to create a product that works around the lifestyle of your prospects, rather than force them to stop what they are doing and watch.

Finally, you should consider using audio over video because it is ease of distribution. Digital technology has created an environment where people share files. Your interview might have been originally been played on a prospect’s iPod, but if it’s good, it’s just as likely to end up on the prospect’s friend’s MP3 Player, cell phone or blackberry. Rather than worry about this trend. Smile. Your use of audio helped your message to be heard by even more prospects.

If marketing is about getting your information inside the mind of your prospect, then consider using audio. Audio is cheap to produce and it’s easy to play. More importantly, it’s likely be heard and quite possibly shared – which can’t be bad for your business.