Wogging For Health And Weight Loss

If you hate to exercise, you are not alone. But rather than giving up on exercise like most people do, try wogging. Wogging is fun. Wogging is healthy. And wogging is a great way to get lose weight.

Wogging is a term for an exercise that combines the best of two worlds: walking and jogging. Wogging removes lots of fat from your body. Wogging firms your lines and makes you feel altogether wonderful. Moreover, when done on a regular and systematic basis, wogging will prolong your life by many years.

It is generally agreed that there is no better workout for your body (and your mind!) than walking. But when you walk you only burn about 260 calories per hour. It is pleasant but as effective as other exercises.

On the other hand, when you jog, you burn about 600 calories per hour. But jogging is strenuous, monotonous, and because it is a high impact activity, tends to lead to injuries of the back, knees and ankles.

In short, walking is pleasurable and safe while jogging is boring and can lead to injury.

Considering that the majority of dieters hate to do anything that is not fun, they consistently avoid jogging. And they miss the opportunity to burn calories.

If you belong to the class of jogging avoiders, then wogging is the answer for you.

There are two ways to wog. There is the steady wog and the variable wog.

When you do the steady wog, you walk somewhat like the Racewalkers do. (If you would like to review the technique, there are many helpful videos on You Tube) You use leg motion of a race walker but then you swing your arms like a Nordic Walker (Once again review the technique at You Tube). Unlike a Racewalker, your feet leave the ground. You involve your entire body and burn a lot of calories.

When you do the variable wog you just change your speed of movement intermittently. You walk for a while, you stroll for a while, you jog for a while, and you steady wog for a while. You get exercise while you enjoy yourself.

Actually, variable wogging is a lot of fun. You don’t bore yourself with a monotonous routine.

And having fun is important when you are exercising. The more fun you have the more likely you will continue with your fitness program.

When it comes down to it, wogging gives you the best of the worlds of walking and jogging. You burn about 520 calories per hour, you avoid the injuries that come with jogging, you get to enjoy the scenery, and you improve your body condition.

If you have never tried wogging, the next time that you are wearing your sneakers, start with the steady wog and go from there.

You might find that it is a lot more effective and fun than you think.