You’ve Hit a Plateau on Your Six Pack Abs Workout – Now What?

You have been working out most every day. Your weight was coming off and you were starting to see some definition. Yikes! Your body just put on the brakes. You’re tired. A couple of your lost pounds found their way back to you. Well, you’ve hit a plateau on your six pack abs workout. Now what should you do?

Sometimes a day or to break may be in order. But odds are you just need to modify your training to help get you back on track to getting your six pack abs. Maybe you have been doing the same six pack abs routine and diet for the last 4-6 weeks. If so, stand back and think about this a moment.

You could bump up your weights or add on minutes to your cardio, but maybe you need something different for your six pack abs. If you’re tired, adding weights may not be the answer just yet.

Try these as options:

1. Change the order of your exercises. Same thing but start backwards. Or totally mix them around.
2. Try super setting with little to no break in between. Take a 2 or 3 minutes break after 10 minutes. And get right back to work.
3. Change your level of difficulty by changing the angle of your weight lifting, angle of the treadmill, etc.
4. Think about bunching up similar exercises – arms, chests, legs.
5. You can even lighten up your weight by 5 or 10 pounds (depending on what part of the body you’re working) but increase your number of repetitions. If you did 3 sets of 12 before, do 1 set of 40. Something on that order.
6. On your cardio, once you’re warmed up, go as fast as you can for as long as you can. Once you’ve hit your limit, slow down back to your normal pace. After you’ve recovered, go as fast and as long as you can again. Then slow back down. Finish your cardio at your normal time.

There are more variations that you can do to get back on track to your six pack abs. Whatever you choose, put forth all of the energy that you can. Totally focus on your new exercise variations and you will start to see results.

You will start to feel energize. You will feel refreshed with a different routine even though you might still be doing the same exercises, just a little differently. As soon as you see you’re back on track to making progress to meet your six pack abs goal, then look at modifying your routine more. Talk to a trainer to get suggestions as to what your next level should be.

You’re almost there.