5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Running Shoes for You

5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Running Shoes for You

The great thing about running is that, technically, the only piece of equipment you’ll need is a good pair of running shoes. However, choosing a good pair of running shoes can be difficult, especially with all the advertising, hype and “technology” that go into manufacturing them. Hence, I’ll tell you about a five-step method to choosing the right pair of running shoes for you.

Step one: Know about your pronation. When you run, you first strike the ground with your heels, and then roll off to the balls of the boot, and lastly, push off the ground to move forward. Pronation is the rotation of the foot inwards and downwards when you land on the ground is called pronation. It’s difficult to explain this in words, I suggest you go to YouTube and search for this term to get a better understanding. Pronation is a normal thing, and it helps the foot absorb shock from impact. Some runners, however, over or under pronate.

Step two: Know your foot type. Most runners can know they are supinators (under pronators), overpronators or normal pronators based on their arch height. A high-arched foot may mean that you’re a supinator, and likewise for the opposite. To check your arch height, wet your foot and walk on a dry floor. If it looks flat, then you have a low arch.

Step three: Buy the correct shoe. Depending on how much you pronate, you should get a shoe that compliments it. For overpronators, you should get a shoe with a straight shape while underpronators should get a shoe with a curved shape.

Step four: Go and visit a specialist running store. Even if you follow all the stops here, it’s always good to visit a specialist running store. Their knowledgeable staff would be able to recommend you a suitable pair of running shoes. They might even point out to you if you require special considerations. Whatever your needs, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a shoe that would match you.

Step five: Check if your shoe is fitting. This is, by far, the most important step when choosing a pair of shoes. Don’t fret too much about all the “technology” that goes into the shoes. Instead, take special notice about the comfort. Only buy shoes that feel comfortable and is fitting. Your running shoes may need to be half a six bigger than your normal shoes.

There you have it, the five steps to picking a suitable pair of running shoes for yourself. Let’s recap, first, you should learn about your degree of pronation. Second, work out how high your foot arch is. Third, get the right type of shoe that suits your foot type. Fourth, always visit a specialist running shop for advice. And lastly, make sure it fits. I hope that this article has benefitted you.