Early Morning Run – Advantages and Disadvantages of Running in the Morning

Early Morning Run – Advantages and Disadvantages of Running in the Morning

The early jog session is one of the most preferable types of exercise. But many people wonder if running in the morning is the best thing to do or is it just a cultural phenomenon that everybody seems to be doing unconsciously. Well, the answer depends on you.For me, I love running in the morning.

To help you decide on that, here is a full list of the pros and cons of a morning run session.

Advantages of running in the morning:

– Your schedule is typically clear in the early morning-you don’t have much errands to run or commitments to keep up at 5AM! Therefore, you can keep your running schedule consistent and uninterrupted.

– You can breathe in the clear and soothing ear of the early morning. You can also enjoy the scenery and take in the beauty and the magnificence of the morning glory.

– You can boost your productivity and mental function by training in the morning. Many mental performances recommend doing some aerobic exercise first thing in the morning. Anthony Robbins calls it “the power hour”.

– According to tony Schwartz-the author of the book “the power of full engagement”-the best form of emotional renewal is rising up your heart rate for a sustained amount of time. No wonder many runners enjoy a happy life with less emotional issues.

– You could also boost your metabolism levels by working out in the early morning. This means that you will be burning up calories at higher rates, leading to more weight loss and overall sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Disadvantages of running in the morning:

– Many people find it hard to wake up early in the morning. It takes some self-discipline and will power to able to do it on a consistent basis.

– Running in the winter when in the weather it is too cold or raining can be demotivating. But you can address this by dressing properly or by running on a treadmill in-house or at the gym.

– Your body can be stiff and rigid in the early morning. Therefore you will find it harder to break into your normal running pace. You should get in the habit of warming up properly before your running session.

– Some runner force on themselves to wakeup early, so they sacrifice some good hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can have some devastating effects on your mental and physical health. Go early to bed and get the much rest and recovery that your body may crave for.

Here you have it. I still prefer running-and you should too. Of course, from time to time; I change my running schedule in order to avoid boredom monotony. Variety is the spice of life.