Are Resistance Bands Or Weights Better to Use When Doing P90X?

Are Resistance Bands Or Weights Better to Use When Doing P90X?

P90X is a very intense workout routine. With all of the different workouts it is hard to not get into better shape. The only way you will not get into better shape is if you do not try. It really does not matter what you eat during this because you are burning so many calories. Of course if you are eating bad you will feel it while you are working out.

P90X is such a great routine that for the most part you are using your own weight to move around. Your not doing bench presses or squats using hundreds of pounds. The goal is to make you pound for pound a strong and in shape person. Its not to get bulky but to look great for your body size. Unless you are a professional athlete or a bodybuilder there really is not a need to get massively large. When you start the routine there are a couple of the exercises that involve using something besides yourself as resistance. The people on the movies are using either resistance bands or weights. It comes down to what makes them feel good while working out.

The resistance bands have different flexing points. You can make them harder to do by making a larger loop on the ground and then stepping on that loop. The bands will get to more areas around the muscle that you are trying to work out. With the way that it flexes it forces your surrounding muscles to work also. The only downside to the cords is that they can get in the way or you might not be able to do a certain workout. Tony Horton will show you a way to make it work but it does take some coordination. Another advantage of the cords is building up the muscles to do chin-ups. Most people starting out do not have the strength to do a chin-up. The cords come in handy because you can wrap the cord around your pull up bar and slowly start building your back muscles up. You are less prone to injury when using the cords because your muscles will tend to bounce back if you cannot get past the tension.

Using weights is how you are going to build muscle. Dumbbells focus in on the muscle you are trying to build. The surrounding muscles do get a workout but not as much as the bands. That is not as big of deal as you think. Your goal is to build up that specific muscle. The P90X routine is going to work those muscles eventually. Weight training is going to cut through the fat quicker than the cords. If you do not have a set of weights, I would suggest using the Bowflex Select Techs. They use a technology that lets use slide weights in and out very quickly. You will love this feature when trying to keep up with Tony Horton.

When selecting what will work it really comes back to you. Both the bands and weights will give you results. A number of people like the bands because they do not take up that much space in your house. They easily fit into a gym bag. Dumbbells can take up a lot of space and are can be expensive. If you are serious about your physical fitness than you can’t go wrong with both. Pick and choose what you want to use for each specific workout.