Body Makeover Physique Transformation Methods Popularized by the Media

Body Makeover Physique Transformation Methods Popularized by the Media

Two tremendously successful media events that have changed the world’s outlook on fitness and weight loss have happened in this past decade. First, Bill Phillips popularized the Body-for-LIFE 12-week transformation with his training method, meal replacement shakes, real-life before and after photos, and big prize money.

So…a lot of people have bought the best-selling book, Body-for-LIFE and tried to follow the self-training guidelines for muscle and metabolism. Many have succeeded; many more have not. Ideally, you need a coach or trainer for the first month. Many personal training clients go solo after the first month and then book a refresher every month thereafter to revise the exercise regimen. This is important to avoid the proverbial “plateau” effect of physical adaptation. Nonetheless, the Body-for-LIFE method DOES WORK…for those who can stick to it.

If you aren’t conditioning your body with a focus on muscle and metabolism, then you simply will not be able to keep the weight off to maintain ideal body weight. That’s because your metabolism decreases with calorie deprivation and it increases with exercise and muscle gain. You need to maintain muscle to lose weight correctly. Therefore, even women must focus on muscle-sparing and fat burning when it comes to weight loss programs.

For those who don’t read magazines, go to gyms, or get out much, the television has brought you up to date on the latest fitness and body makeover revolution. This reality show has become a household name.

Since the airing of The Biggest Loser TV show, most people recognize that fast weight loss results can be achieved from serious coaching. Being held highly accountable and motivated with a high degree of positive pressure can bring about amazing results for people who once considered themselves not very disciplined.

However, only a few of the most obese weight loss clients are accepted to be on the TV show. For the rest who need serious in-house coaching, there are more and more options coming available. A new trend in the fitness industry is coming of age. Residential weight loss programs and live-in fitness boot camps!

It is not rocket science either. By learning some simple rules to abide by, you can make a lifestyle behavioral change. However, before you decide on an exercise retreat to take your fitness vacation, make sure you compare the top Biggest loser retreats straight across the board. Bottom line, it needs to work for you. Once you have done your homework by reviewing fitness and weight loss sites, just know that fit people do actually Live In Fitness… and so can YOU!

As in previous articles on this topic of researching weight loss and fitness retreats, I make this editorial suggestion: Seek out a highly experienced professional trainer who is a wellness lifestyle coach and negotiate an in-house guest arrangement of a minimum 3-week residential stay. It takes 3 weeks to change a habit and replace a behavior with a new pattern. There you have it. Your own personal Biggest Loser Retreat!