Brand Yourself and Become a Super Achiever

Brand Yourself and Become a Super Achiever

God made us differently and fitted us with gifts and abilities that are special to each person, though we share organs which are similar in functions.

There are no two persons alike in the world, just like there are no two finger prints alike. This variety or difference is intended to add spice to life and to reserve a distinguishing value for everyone. However, your distinguishing value is your unique selling point (USP) and everyone has got it!

What Is This Branding Concept?

Branding is a marketing concept that identifies products and their sources and also differentiates them from other products. In much the same way, we ought to differentiate and distinguish ourselves. You become distinguished when you identify your difference from the differences of others. What give you an edge (like any products) over others are not the similarities that you share with them but your points of difference. It is what we have which others have not (in terms of ability), that gives us an edge, not the other way round. This is called unique selling preposition. It is the single most distinguishing attribute of a given product. This is the strength of the product.

Your strength in what you do does not come from the things you share in common with your competitors. Rather, it is in those things that distinguish you. It is only by locating these points of difference, among others, that you can successfully use your opportunities for successful achievement. Your area of difference is what will sell you. Your area of difference is your strength and advantage. Therefore, focus energy in your area of strength and don’t waste time to try to develop your weakness.

Sadly however, too many people have wrongly measured their weaknesses against other people else’s strength. This might be intimidating and even play down your confidence. And you know that no one stands in the spot light, if s/he hasn’t got confidence.

As different as our faces are, so are our potentialities and gifting. Never try to develop a gift along the area of your weakness. The best you will become if you do is an average person (a mediocre). Nobody ever performs at superlative level from a position of weakness. Rather, concentrate on your strength and let it overwhelm your weakness and a good way to locate your strength is by your passion – the area where you perform well without trying.

Don’t Look Away From Your Strength…

Twelve spies were sent out by Moses to spy the Promised Land, but they failed to distinguish themselves; they failed to consider their strength in God. Instead, they put their giant enemies in perspective and saw themselves as mere weaklings and slaves. These folks accepted defeat because they lacked an understanding of branding; their assessment was wrong. Thanks to God that two fellows (Joshua & Caleb) understood the branding concept, and they distinguished themselves. They did not take the enemies’ strength into account. They established a clean point of difference by looking at their own strength of uniqueness; which was in God (Numbers 13.25 – 33).

Don’t Remain In That Circle of Defeat!

Could you imagine that at another occasion they still did not learn their lesson? (1 Samuel 17.1-58). Here again, Israelites were challenged to a battle by the Philistines. The latter also had a giant. This giant was the Philistine’s champion man. And he boasted of his power and the Israelite army became frightened and cold:-)

Instead of figuring out an idea, they wrongly spent the time considering the imposing physique of the giant. What a terrible thing to do? This ill standard of measuring strength affected their confidence in God and they became afraid.

Thank God again that while they were terrified, there was an adolescent (young David) who was offended by the insulting of this giant and he rightly applied the concept of branding. By doing this, he derived courage by taking into account the distinguishing points which differentiated him from the giant. David’s point of difference was his belief in God’s protection. By applying the concept of branding, David’s courage welled up and he got the strength to drop the giant dead through an effortless use of a sling and a smooth stone. (1 Samuel 17.1-58).

The Lesson…

Why not stop looking at the giant of your competitors (if you can’t beat it), and look at your own area of strength?

Everyone is got an area of strength. Oftentimes it lies right under our noses. Develop it…, capitalize on it…, put it into perspective… and you will stand out!

Finally, people and nations will have a voice, and won’t remain in obscurity for too long, if they seek to develop and master their gifts and resources along the area of strength.

You will succeed!